Ruslan Stefanchuk

The Rada wants to dismiss 10 deputies who left Ukraine at the beginning of the war, but not everything is so simple

The Rada is going to take away mandates from 10 people's deputies who left Ukraine during a full-scale war with Russia.

No more tiktok on the street: authorities banned filming without warning - how will it work?

Now it will not work to shoot a video, even a comic one - you will have to approach everyone and warn about video shooting.

Law on National Communities and New Terms for Ukraine's European Integration: Stefanchuk Brings New News from Rada

While hostilities are going on, the Rada is intensively preparing to join the European Union. Next in line is the law on national communities, but the deadlines are being pushed back.

Deprivation of mandates of deputies of the Opposition Platform for Life, negotiations with the Russian Federation, a peace agreement: the main thing from an interview with Ruslan Stefanchuk

The Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada announced the emergence of a new trend in international politics - the speech of world leaders in the Ukrainian parliament.

"Ukraine will not amend the Constitution on NATO and the EU", - the head of the Verkhovna Rada

The non-bloc status of Ukraine is one of the main demands of Russia in negotiations with Ukraine.

Stefanchuk said that Ukraine will not comply with the Minsk agreements "in the Russian interpretation" and started talking about martial law

News from Parliament.

TV marathon, anthems, flags: how Ukraine celebrates Unity Day

Many people are very critical of the new holiday.

A new day - new mistakes on the air of the Rada TV channel. Unprofessionalism or PR strategy?

After the rebranding, Rada employees let Poroshenko occupy the studio, "buried" Stefanchuk, distorted the name of Archangel Mikhail and read a children's rhyme during Shmygal's speech.

Special status for special deputies: the Rada proposed to honor people's deputies in a special way, proclaiming the independence of Ukraine

Such ex-people's deputies will be expanded their rights to participate in public administration, and will also be given special badges.

Nuclear Stefanchuk: Speaker of the Rada believes that Russia can turn Ukraine into a second Hiroshima

Injection taken to a new level

Stefanchuk said that Zelensky will enter the history books, and he himself is not hurt by comparisons with Kolyvan

KlymenkoTime analyzes a fresh interview with the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada

Again 25: Zelensky was told that they want to change the Constitution and why they are afraid of separatism due to decentralization

How much can you touch the basic law of the state?

Ukrainian deputies will not calm down: after decommunization, they took up desovietization

Rada wants to clear Ukrainian legislation from Soviet concepts

An hour there, an hour here: how the clock change affects the body

The Verkhovna Rada did not cancel the transfer of clocks in Ukraine to summer and winter time, sending the draft law for revision. However, even a second vote and its adoption before March 28 will not affect the actual clock change, since the law can come into force 3 months after its promulgation.

Stefanchuk decided to arrange a cosmetic decommunization

The first victims of the next wave of decommunization should be the Labor and Housing Codes of Ukraine.

Party for three: Zelensky promotes Stefanchuk to replace Razumkov

Speaker Razumkov's recent actions indicate that he is preparing to take the presidency. And today we see how Vladimir Alexandrovich wants to find a replacement for the head of the Rada. So what happens - the elimination of competitors or the game in the dark?

Zelensky is ready for a coalition with right-wing radicals to imprison Stefanchuk and get rid of a competitor

- If Razumkov holds on to the post of speaker, he will probably become the successor to the presidency. If not, Zelensky will be elected himself for a second term.

There can be only one Honored Doctor of Ukraine - and this is the aunt of the Vice Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk

For the entire difficult coronavirus year 2020 in the Khmelnitsky region, only the aunt of the Vice Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk was awarded the title of "Honored Doctor"

"Servants of the people" want to legalize euthanasia and cancel the Economic Code. Why is this not suitable for Ukraine?

Stefanchuk was inspired by the example of Switzerland, where it is permissible to assist with suicide

Stefanchuk said that the results of the audit of the Zelensky team will be presented by the end of the week

The first vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada called the results of the state audit "a check for a party in 30 years of independence."