Did you get your hands on Poroshenko? The return of "Rotterdam +" and hitting the "EU" for non-payment of 20 million for rent - the beginning of trouble

There is reason to believe that Poroshenko's "coal business" will soon surface again, or something new will appear.

Not again, but again: the Rotterdam+ case was closed for the fourth time. Changing attorney didn't help.

The case of the "suitcase without a handle", which we proudly and solemnly call "Rotterdam +", was closed. For the fourth time!

“A suitcase without a handle”: how the same prosecutor closes the Rotterdam+ case for the third time, and NABU prepares a complaint against Venediktova

The Rotterdam+ case is a “suitcase without a handle”, which is constantly being opened and then closed at NABU. Here again the case is closed for the third time, although it has already been repeatedly canceled by a high-level prosecutor.

Hunt for Akhmetov's business empire and alliance with Kolomoisky

Today, December 31, KlymenkoTime will tell stories about the prospects for 2021. The second story is the hunt for Rinat Akhmetov's business empire.