War in Belgorod and Bryansk: what is the likelihood of hostilities in the Russian border area?

Any infrastructure in these and neighboring regions is considered a legitimate military target in Ukraine

The third world war is going on in Ukraine. At least that's what the Pope thinks. Why is he saying this?

Gontifik expressed the opinion that today in Ukraine there is not just a confrontation between Kyiv and Moscow or Moscow and Washington

Attack of the DRG in the Bryansk region

What was it, and what are the likely consequences?

Symbols of war

Who and how controls the "fighting spirit" of the masses with the help of semantic associations?

Subculture "PMC Ryodan". Why do Russian and Ukrainian children toil with the same nonsense?

Despite the war, mutual drone raids and high-profile political statements, one of the most popular topics in the Ukrainian and Russian information space over the past week has become "PMC Ryodan". And if you thought that we were talking about another private military company on the battlefield, then you were mistaken. PMC Ryodan is a youth subculture. The first news about her [...]

Viktor Orban plans to visit Ukraine

How will he be received in Kyiv after the pro-Russian statements?

China's latest warning: what Beijing has proposed

...and why it "won't take off"

Year of the Great War

How it all started and where we ended up

Beijing enters the game

What peace plan does China want to propose for Ukraine, and will the parties to the conflict agree to it?

And now Biden will make a speech: what and why did the President of the United States say

Tuesday came out as a day of big verbal battles between the leaders of Russia and the United States.

Putin's message: the war will continue

Russia Suspends Participation in Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, Its Economy Has Survived Under Sanctions, And Only Robbery awaits Oligarchs Abroad

The United States will not advise bad? Why is the West pushing Ukraine onto the battlefield?

U.S. White House officials are advising Ukraine to take as much territory from Russia as possible in the coming months in order to get a better position in future peace talks.

What will Comrade Xi decide, or what courses are Moscow and Beijing moving

And how can all this affect the situation in Ukraine?

Who needed them anyway? Why did they sign the Minsk agreements that no one was going to implement?

Kremlin reflections on the failure of the Minsk agreements

How the war in Ukraine should end: the American version

The American non-profit organization RAND, which functions as a kind of strategic research center for the US government, has released an interesting report on the prospects for ending the war in Ukraine.

If Crimea is not ours, then what will happen

Three options for the development of the Ukrainian conflict in 2023 from KT analysts and American media

Russia is preparing for an offensive, and Putin considers the war existential and intends to win it at all costs

What does the latest Bloomberg article say?

Is the big war in Eastern Europe getting closer?

How NATO is probing the "red lines" of Russia, and what is fraught with.

"Shatter Russia". What is the West betting on in the war with the Russian Federation?

Many events and statements of recent months indicate that an attempt to destabilize Russia from within is the very "cunning plan of the West"

Belarusian direction: how will the build-up and combat coordination of Russian and Belarusian troops end?

The scale, planning, duration and systematic nature of military preparations in Belarus speak in favor of the fact that they are far from being "window dressing"