Russian oil

The world may become less oil: OPEC upheld the decision to reduce the production of "black gold"

The Kremlin's position on the ceiling on Russian oil prices is unchanged: those who support the "ceiling" will not be sold raw materials.

The mouse ran, waved its tail: in Poland they say that the leak on the Druzhba oil pipeline is accidental damage

But in Serbia and in the German opposition they see a connection with the bombings of the Nord Streams.

The EU adopted the 8th package of sanctions against the Russian Federation: how the price ceiling for Russian oil will work

The new restrictions apply to the sea transportation of Russian oil and petroleum products, services related to crypto wallets, as well as engineering, IT and legal services.

Answer to Chamberlain: OPEC+ countries voted to cut oil production by 2 million barrels per day

Against the backdrop of this message, the price of oil on the stock exchange has already skyrocketed - whether there will be more.

While the EU is arguing about the price ceiling for Russian oil, Japan and Britain are imposing new sanctions against Russia

For oil price restrictions to come into force, they must be approved by 27 EU member states, but it seems that there is no unanimity yet.

G7 countries agreed to impose a ceiling on the price of Russian oil

Earlier, the Russian government announced that the Russian Federation would not supply oil to countries that would impose price restrictions.

And eat a fish, and not choke on a bone: the United States and allies want Russia to sell oil, but not expensive

The G-7 is going to agree on a plan to limit the price of Russian oil, in Russia they called this idea "complete absurdity."

No one can, but Greece can: how Russian oil gets to Europe, bypassing sanctions and how they make money on it

For some, military action is grief and death, but for someone it is a way to cash in. For example, for the Greek shipowners, who continue to receive record profits. While the Czech Republic is looking for a way out of the energy crisis.