Dismantling of the "Motherland" in Kyiv: the Ministry of Culture commented on the fate of the monument

The authorities complain that there is no money for such initiatives.

Symbolic "rebranding": which monuments may soon be removed or modified?

In Ukraine, the process of replacing monuments related to the Soviet period and the period of the Russian Empire continues.

Replace with a trident: Ukrainians decided the fate of the Motherland monument in Kyiv

The majority voted in favor of replacing the emblem of the USSR, but experts say that any intervention in the monument can lead to unpredictable consequences.

Kolomoisky wants to privatize Motherland. How is this possible?

In this, the oligarch was assisted by the ex-head of the President's Office Andriy Bogdan.

They want to change the sex of the "motherland" and turn it into Archangel Michael. How far will decommunization go?

Will the world's first transgender monument be erected in Kyiv?

Down with soviet remnants! Homeland Mother and Soviet soldier sent to the "Territory of terror"

There is no place for symbols of the fight against fascism in the center of a Ukrainian city.

The LGBT flag on the Kyiv "Motherland" took the "Cannes Lions". What surprised Ukraine?

Peremoga for which a little embarrassing

Cancel Donbass! Motherland - decommunize! Ukraine is about to change

Decommunization is reaching a new level. The Institute of National Memory wants to decommunize the Motherland Monument. And the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council decided to cancel the Donbass. Allegedly, there is no Donbass, it's all Soviet and Russian propaganda.