Republican Party

Republicans intend to take Biden under control: audit of aid sent to Ukraine may begin in the first months of 2023

The inspection resolution does not call for a reduction in aid to Kyiv, so it can be supported not only by Republicans, but also by some Democrats.

Check every cent: Ukraine must account for all provided assistance from the United States

Republicans want to initiate scrutiny of the military, civilian and financial aid that Ukraine received under President Biden.

The Democrats won, but with difficulty: the Senate elections were held in favor of Biden - how will this affect Ukraine?

The hype around the US elections did not change anything - the Democrats retained control of the Senate, although it is worth recognizing that there was parity between the political forces. Let's talk about the election results.

Abortion or better economy: the final fate of the US Senate will be decided by the State of Georgia

In the meantime, the elections are accompanied by curiosities and records: "dead souls", record contributions from Soros and the first female governor with a non-traditional sexual orientation.

US Elections: Republicans Lead, Trump Calls for Protest, and Voting Was Even by Mail

“Anomalies” are again observed during voting and counting of votes.