Fewer genders and more rangers: Orban called idiots those who consider him a racist

The Hungarian prime minister continues to excite European and American politicians with his statements, this time he distinguished himself speaking in Texas.

Tesak's heirs: right-wing radicals are persecuting a black guy for dating a Ukrainian woman

And what about the police?

White Power: local racist "Ku Klux Klan" walked around Kyiv (VIDEO)

Representatives of a terrible far-right organization in white raincoats, caps and gloves made a fuss in the capital

“Good guys, albeit racists”: Beleniuk forgave his offenders after talking with a certain organization

Now imagine a similar situation in Europe or the USA.

Was it a boy? Olympic champion accused of lying

There is an opinion that Beleniuk's racist scandal was a PR stunt.

It's only the beginning. Racist scandal with Beleniuk: how "Servants of the People" reap the fruits of their own policy

For that fought for it and ran.

“Go to Africa, black monkey!”: Jean Beleniuk got into a racist conflict

A black athlete is surprised that this is even possible

Stupidity or chauvinism? The Servant of the People said that Russians in Ukraine will not have human rights and freedoms

A statement that actually pulls on an article

“Get out of the racist minister”: in the Verkhovna Rada, the Poroshenkoites demanded the resignation of Tkachenko

They say that racism has no place in the European Cabinet.

“Did you see yourself in the mirror?”: Ukrainian TV presenter Karolina Ashion accused Tkachenko of racism

The minister did not apologize.

Free speech kills, but racism lives even in the kingdom

A French teacher was beheaded a year ago after a 13-year-old student accused him of Islamophobia. However, after a while, the girl admitted that she had lied.