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Decision-Making Centers: Will Russia Hit Government Buildings?

Yuriy Ignat, press officer of the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said that Ukrainian government buildings are priority targets for missile strikes by the Russian armed forces.

Massive missile attack on Ukraine: new tactics of the Russian Federation and consequences

This time again, energy facilities became priority targets, but there are official statements that industrial enterprises were also damaged.

The word is not a sparrow: what Arestovich said yesterday, and how it all looks against the backdrop of the tragedy in the Dnieper

On the eve of Ukraine was subjected to another massive missile attack. The biggest disaster happened in the Dnieper, where one of the rockets hit an apartment building, completely destroying one entrance.

Kyiv under attack: the first missile attack in 2023

Waiting for a decrease in the level of threats from the RF Armed Forces would be absolute thoughtlessness

What is known about the fall of the S-300 anti-aircraft guided missile in Belarus (updated)

The Ministry of Defense claims that there is no cause for concern in connection with the incident.

Massive shelling of Ukraine, another explosions at the airfield in Engels: military news on December 29

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that the "Caliber" will never end.

Danilov is sure that Russia will try to capture the capital again, but the people of Kiev must stay and defend the city

The Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council urges residents of the capital not to think about evacuation, but to live a full life.

The energy system of Ukraine may collapse by Christmas

An international humanitarian organization said that if Russian missile attacks continue, Ukrainian cities could become uninhabitable in the coming months.

Despite sanctions, Russian cruise missiles were produced only a few months ago

It is not known whether Russia has exhausted its stock of old cruise missiles.

Another massive shelling of Ukraine: explosions are heard in Zaporozhye, Cherkasy, Odessa, Kharkiv and other regions (updated)

In some regions of Ukraine, as well as in Moldova, emergency blackouts began, in addition, the Moldovan media write about the fall of a Russian missile on their territory.

Russia is preparing for a new missile attack on Ukraine, only 3% of shelling of Ukraine fell on military facilities: military news in Ukraine on November 28

In Bakhmut, the military and humanitarian situation is now extremely difficult, the Russians are also attacking in the direction of Avdiivka and partly in the Luhansk region.

Fifty thousand hryvnia for posting a photo of the arrival: who can distribute images and videos with the consequences of shelling

The deputies want to separately establish criminal liability for posting photos and videos with the consequences of missile strikes on critical infrastructure.

Everything can be much worse: what are Ukrainians preparing for if attacks on the energy system continue

If events develop according to the worst scenario, Ukraine could plunge into darkness for a week.

Peskov said that "the suffering of Ukrainians" could be stopped by Zelensky, and Lukashenka predicted the "destruction of Ukraine"

Russia and Belarus commented on yesterday's massive shelling of Ukraine and its consequences.

Neighboring Moldova is also without electricity: the Russian ambassador was summoned to the MFA "on the carpet"

After the missile attack on Ukraine, some regions of Moldova were left without electricity, and a blackout in Transnistria is also reported.

Airstrikes by Israel, Turkey and Russia - a new era in the Syrian war

The British media believe that the war in Syria threatens to escalate on at least three fronts.

Details of the next missile attack on Ukraine on November 23: a residential building was damaged in the Kyiv region, there are victims (updated)

In many regions of Ukraine, problems with electricity, water and communications are reported, the power units of the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant were emergency shut down.

How was Russia able to carry out the largest air attack on Ukraine?

Western and Ukrainian officials have said Moscow's stockpiles of missiles are declining. But the blows dealt this week cast doubt on that.

Two Russian missiles are slowly but surely turning into one Ukrainian: statements, comments and details on the incident

NATO and Warsaw say the rocket that hit Poland yesterday was fired from Ukraine, while Danilov claims he can prove a "Russian trace"

Media: two Russian missiles fell on the territory of Poland (updated)

American intelligence confirmed the information, while Russia called it "a deliberate provocation in order to escalate the situation."