Irregular working hours and the abolition of the division of professions into “male” and “female”: what else can Ukrainians expect from the labor market in 2023

The situation on the market remains very difficult, but is gradually stabilizing.

War in Ukraine: five scenarios for the development of events in 2023

Can the war end in 2023 and how?

Difficult 2023: what will happen to prices and the economy of Ukraine next year

It all depends on the degree of destruction of the energy system of Ukraine.

Will it exceed 50 hryvnia: experts announced the forecast of the dollar exchange rate for 2023

The forecast within the framework of the negative scenario was given even in the Cabinet of Ministers.

GDP could fall by 50% if Russian attacks on infrastructure continue, but the overall outlook for Ukraine is positive

However, not everyone supports such a positive attitude.

There is no shortage, but do not expect cheap gasoline: what will fuel prices be until the end of 2022

Unfortunately, the NBU forecast does not please motorists in 2022 - a tidy sum will have to be paid for fuel.

Every fourth Ukrainian is below the poverty line, and GDP will fall by 35% - World Bank forecast for Ukraine

And it's still a good script.

Predictions about Putin's imminent death are greatly exaggerated: why is he still in power?

Putin has lived through economic depression, international isolation, a deadly pandemic, terrorist failures, the intelligence fiasco that led Russia to failure in the war, and he is still here.

Spending on security and defense will increase by more than 4 times: the Cabinet of Ministers approved the draft state budget-2023

Financing will be increased only in two areas, all other expenses will be reduced. The government also spoke about the dollar exchange rate and the average salary.

Buckwheat for UAH 138, watermelons are also “for the rich”, and there is a possibility that there will be no seasonal price reduction

Everything is becoming more expensive, including electronics, and tax increases have played an important role in this.

Dollar at 50, inflation 30% and every third jobless: the Cabinet announced a disappointing forecast for 2023

However, this forecast is very approximate.

Everyone get ready to tighten their belts: what will the new heating season be like and how much will prices rise in Ukraine

Everything becomes more expensive, so it is worth preparing for various options.

What will be the prices for products this fall and what should Ukrainians prepare for?

Autumn will be hard, and winter will be even harder, so some products are worth stocking up.

Will NATO intervene in the war in Ukraine and why a nuclear war no longer seems impossible

Is Russia slowly but surely turning the war in its favor?

If the war drags on, 9 out of 10 Ukrainians will fall below the poverty line, but they will also have higher taxes

Also, the government started talking about the nationalization of property.

The Office of the President and the Ministry of Internal Affairs predicted the timing of the end of the war in Ukraine

Zelensky also spoke about the timing of the end of the war

Economy at war: Ukraine's GDP will fall by 30%, and global economic growth will be halved

Global processes are affected not only by the war, but also by the coronavirus forgotten in Ukraine.