traffic jams

Winter came unexpectedly, in December: Klitschko again made everyone laugh with the readiness of snowplows

Whether it's a war, or a nuclear bomb, or even a blackout, every winter the curse overtakes Kyiv's roads. So this time the snowfall blocked the roads, and winter came unexpectedly. December 3rd.

Weather swings from +5 to -23: when to expect the peak of cold snap in Kyiv, and how winter will affect the 2021 harvest

Snowfalls and frosts are expected in the capital, after a short-term warming, sleet, and again a cold snap. How temperature changes will affect the 2021 harvest.

Snowfall in Ukraine: how snow is removed in Kyiv this winter

In Ukraine, the snowfall does not stop. In some cities, there is not enough special equipment to clear sidewalks and central roads. In some areas, engineering equipment was sent out to fight the consequences of snowfalls.