Antonov and Artyomsol plant under the hammer: in Ukraine they decided to sell more than 800 state-owned enterprises even in uncontrolled territories

Ukraine is looking for sources of replenishment of the budget in the war.

Prices will rise, but privatization will return: what changes await Ukrainians from September 1

Milk, cereals, eggs and meat will rise in price, travel will also increase, and in some places utility tariffs.

Privatization of state-owned enterprises and nationalization: how to replenish the budget during the war

Before a new wave of privatization and. about. head of the State Property Fund hastened to resign.

In Ukraine, during the war, the state guarantees the full amount of bank deposits

And after the war, the guaranteed amount on deposits will be at least UAH 600.

We got rid of the "spirit of Bolshevism": a Soviet plant was sold at an auction for UAH 1,4 billion

Even Sergey Leshchenko is shocked.

Gas prices still "finished off" Odessa Port Plant

The enterprise is forced to stop production, but the plant hopes that now it will be left behind and privatization will be allowed.

Sale of state-owned enterprises: by the end of the year, Centrenergo will be privatized in Ukraine. What does it mean?

The state wants to give the company into private hands

Goodbye industry? Ukraine put up for privatization the world's largest producer of titanium ore

Consequences of sanctions against Firtash?

Official court decision: PrivatBank was legally nationalized, no compensation is due

The court recognized the legal transfer of the bank to the ownership of the state.

The next distillery is ready for privatization

Getting a one-time profit is much easier than bringing order to the industry

The ghost of “big privatization?”: half of the leading state-owned companies in Ukraine are unprofitable

Half of the largest state-owned companies operate at a loss, and another half - with minimal profit. Unprofessionalism or deliberate sabotage?

The head of the NBU Shevchenko said that PrivatBank will soon be put up for sale

As of today, the bank is undergoing about a hundred lawsuits

The Ministry of Defense refuses to privatize its hotels: three complexes operate at a huge loss

The State Property Fund reported that it indeed sent a request for the transfer of three hotels of the Ministry of Defense for privatization due to non-core assets and unprofitability

Sale of state property: why Kyiv is selling state-owned enterprises for a penny

Parliament adopted two decisions on privatization. First, they re-approved the list of enterprises that are not subject to privatization. Secondly, the moratorium on large-scale privatization for the quarantine period has been lifted. And now, theoretically, it will be possible to sell Centrenergo and the Odessa Port Plant.

The Rada has reduced the list of companies for privatization, but nothing prevents making an exception for the right investors

The Verkhovna Rada approved a new list of objects that are not subject to privatization. This list includes such giants as Ukrposhta, Ukrzaliznytsia, Naftogaz and the Artem holding - more than 650 objects in total.

The Rada adopted a law prohibiting the privatization of a number of state-owned enterprises

It will be forbidden to give into private hands those assets on which national security depends.

Deriban property of Ukraine: the main stations of the country are given into private hands

According to chief Krykliy, everyone will benefit from the transformation of railway management, and according to experts, Ukrainians will suffer from the concession.

Servant Vereshchuk told what Vitrenko convinced at the congress of the faction of deputies and President Zelensky

Servant of the People MP Irina Vereshchuk shared how the meeting of the mono-majority faction ended. According to her, Vitrenko tried to convince people's deputies that he was ready to accept the challenge and prove that he was worthy of becoming Minister of Energy.

Following the airport, bank and wineries in the Crimea sell "Koktebel"

Crimea is ready to sell the Koktebel brand plant for 100 million. Soon, not a single enterprise that once belonged to Ukraine will remain in the Republic.

The war with Russia spoils the positive image of the country: Mendel told what foreigners think about Ukraine

An online meeting with Yulia Mendel took place today. The press secretary told how foreigners see Ukraine so far and what the Zelensky team plans in the next 5 years to fix it