press conference

"Putin will definitely face the tribunal" - Zelensky

The President of Ukraine gave a big press conference in the metro

Zelensky gave a press conference to foreign media: the main thing from the speech

We publish the main thing from the speech of the President of Ukraine.

Briefing of captured Russian pilots: the military confessed to the bombing of peaceful cities

According to the pilots, they were not warned about the presence of air defense in Ukraine, and they cannot check the performance of the parachutes before the flight.

Briefing of Russian prisoners of war: soldiers of the Russian army told why they came to Ukraine and promised to overthrow Putin

The prisoners emphasize that they were injured before they were taken prisoner, and they are treated well in captivity.

NATO, Putin, negotiations: highlights from Zelensky's press conference

We publish the main theses from the speech of the President of Ukraine.

There are no more Minsk agreements, "LDNR" is recognized within the borders of the regions - Putin

The President of Russia gave a press conference, where he put forward a number of conditions for Ukraine. Looks like the jokes are over.

Zelensky and Johnson discussed Ukraine's security issues in Munich

Meetings are also scheduled with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, with US Vice President Kamala Harris, with representatives of international financial institutions, as well as with other partners of Ukraine.

“Those who are with us remain”: Zelensky on the flight of businessmen, Prystaiko’s words and a new loan from Germany

We analyze today's press conference of the President

“Ukrainians will fight to the last drop of blood”: the main thing from the press conference of Johnson and Zelensky

The President of Ukraine and the Prime Minister of Britain mainly spoke about the threat of a Russian invasion.

"I have my secrets from Biden": the main thing from Zelensky's latest press conference

The President discussed with journalists the upcoming war with Russia, the level of the Ukrainian economy and the prospects for NATO membership.

Akhmetov's coup d'état, "Wagnerites", swearing at journalists and a second term: Zelensky gave a sudden hours-long press marathon

And in some places his performance was too emotional - if not rude or even boorish. We analyze what the head of state said and what it says.

“I wanted to get up and punch him in the face”: Butusov had a fight with Zelensky at a press marathon

Why do journalists disrespect our president so much?

Zelensky will give a three-hour press conference in honor of the "equator" of his cadence

What would you ask the head of state?

“I gave up Ukrainian interests a little”: Merkel met with Biden. Highlights from the press conference

Merkel and Biden are not going to block Nord Stream 2. Arestovich disappointed

"Rumors about the completion of SP-2 are groundless": Shmyhal believes that the launch of the gas pipeline can be disrupted and hopes for a miracle

How many times do not pronounce the word "halva", it will not become sweeter in your mouth

There will be no re-elections, Donbass is Ukraine, and SS "Galicia" are fascists: Razumkov gave a big press conference

The speaker continues to actually rebuild from the command of power

Fake plane and correspondence with the "killer". Results of Zelensky's press conference

Summing up the results of Zelensky's press conference against the backdrop of the same aircraft that secretly transports fighter jets around the world.

Zelensky announced the opening of the checkpoint in the Donbass, in Luhansk the information is denied

Checkpoints have not been working for more than a year due to quarantine restrictions

Poroshenko-controlled "activists" came to Zelensky. Reportage

What questions were not voiced by Zelensky at a press conference.

Correspondence with murder suspects, Putin, Medvedchuk and the oligarchs: Zelensky gave a big press conference in honor of 2 years of presidency. Is this what the Ukrainians were waiting for?

A press conference of the President of Ukraine was held at the Antonov plant in Kyiv