US Ambassador

Klitschko is the head of everything: what is the mayor of the capital doing now?

As it turned out, he had been pursuing a fairly competent policy all this time.

Meet Bridget Brink. She can become the US ambassador to Ukraine

True, the information has not yet been officially confirmed.

European integration succeeded: the US Embassy announced LGBT prides in Ukraine

Fear of provocations of radicals

Kent Avakova: how to understand the selfie of the Minister of the Interior with a high-ranking American diplomat?

Avakov's collaboration with acting US Ambassador to Ukraine George Kent is not only a long-standing and active, but also very mutually beneficial

Independence of the USA, but not of Ukraine. Who was sent to lead Ukrainian democracy

Today the United States of America celebrates Independence Day. But let's not talk about a distant country and about the struggle of the States for its history, let's talk about Ukraine's dependence on the United States. About how US Chargé d'Affaires in Ukraine Christina Quinn became the most influential "Ukrainian". And why Queen overtook in her influence even the first Lady of the country, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine and [...]

Markarova may become the new ambassador of Ukraine to the United States: this is Yermak's decision or the strategy of ex-Minister Honcharuk and Interior Minister Avakov

Deputy Foreign Minister Yevgeny Yenin said we received an agrément (prior consent) for the appointment of Oksana Markarova, former Minister of Finance of Ukraine, as Ambassador to the United States.

American planes over Ukraine: what is the US preparing?

Americans are preparing for war with Russia on the territory of Ukraine?

Are the Americans preparing a big war in Ukraine? - #75 Gleb and circuses

We analyze what the US is planning in Ukraine.