Peter Szijjarto

Viktor Orban said that EU sanctions against Russia could lead to war and spoke out against a joint EU loan for Ukraine

Hungary again puts spokes in the wheels of Ukraine?

Do not open your mouth at the Transcarpathian loaf? Hungary again hinted that Ukraine "needs to return" the western territories

Hungary again licked its lips at the “tidbit” - Transcarpathia and wants to attach Poland to this. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has already reacted to the situation.

They already helped a lot: Hungary intends to block EU attempts to allocate €18 billion to Ukraine

Instead, Hungary promises to provide direct assistance to Ukraine.

Europe is afraid to talk about the causes of energy problems, and only the United States and Russia can agree on peace - Hungarian minister

But the United States does not agree to negotiations on Ukraine without Ukraine.

Zelensky told what the Russian Federation should do to start peace talks, and in Hungary they called for negotiations without Ukraine

Putin conveyed a message to Zelensky that he was ready to start negotiations.

The situation can worsen at any moment: which countries have called on their citizens to leave Ukraine and are closing their embassies?

However, not all ambassadors were afraid of large-scale shelling.

Hungary demands EU guarantees that anti-Russian sanctions will not affect nuclear energy

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto recalled that the EU, when adopting the first sanctions package, promised that the restrictions would not affect the nuclear energy sector.

China's "I won't hide my house": the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that with the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine, they do not intend to sit idly by

They promised in the Middle Kingdom that they were not going to “add fuel to the fire”, but they would not passively observe the Ukrainian-Russian conflict either.

Dangerous scenario: Budapest told in which case the Hungarian army would cross the Ukrainian border

The Hungarian Foreign Ministry said that they had developed a "military emergency scenario" to protect the Hungarians living in Transcarpathia.

Not a log to the side: Hungary banned even firewood from being exported from the country

Meanwhile, the EU is preparing for a sudden halt in gas supplies from Russia.

Reminiscent of communism: Hungary does not agree with the idea of ​​dividing gas equally

The Hungarian Foreign Ministry stressed that the gas purchased with taxpayers' money and stored in Hungarian storage facilities will be used exclusively in Hungary.

To protect the Hungarians: Hungary explained why they do not supply weapons to Ukraine

At the same time, the Western press wrote that Hungary could secretly supply weapons to Ukraine.

In Hungary, Kyiv was accused of interfering in the elections: Kuleba replied

Relations between countries are heating up

Hungary opposed the closing of the sky over Ukraine and sanctions: the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry reacted

According to the Ukrainian side, it is impossible to guarantee the security of Hungary without peace in Ukraine.

The Foreign Ministries of Hungary and Ukraine summoned each other for a conversation. Gas conflict escalates

"Killed the arrow."

A new aggressor has been found: the Foreign Ministry accuses Hungary of playing along with the Kremlin due to the fact that Budapest signed a contract with Gazprom

It's just that Hungary had to enter into a gas agreement, which is beneficial primarily to Ukraine

SP-2 was not needed either: Hungary signed a contract with Gazprom for gas transit bypassing Ukraine

Solid zrada from Bucharest

Zrada in Hungarian: Szijjarto met with Lavrov and complained to him about Ukraine

Looks like the conflict with the Magyars is getting worse

Pro-Hungarian narratives: Minister Szijjarto called the Hungarians the most indigenous people of Ukraine and criticized our policy

Urgently recognize the enemy of the nation!

The Hungarian Foreign Minister will arrive in Ukraine to discuss the crisis between the countries. Will the parties be able to resolve the conflict?

Kyiv understands that Hungary is a very important partner for our country