Beware of the car: the number of fatal accidents has risen sharply - both drivers and pedestrians are urged to be extremely careful on dark roads

We give recommendations on how to protect yourself on roads with broken traffic lights and in the absence of street lighting.

Unprecedented blackouts will begin in the Kyiv region, and Ukrainians who do not wear reflectors want to be fined

Power outages will be longer, otherwise half of Kyiv may be left without power.

Preferential mortgage, return of fines for traffic rules and cancellation of demobilization: what will change for Ukrainians from October 1

October 1 brings us a number of changes in the procedure for payments, as well as military registration and demobilization for conscripts. More details in the material below.

Speed ​​cameras to resume operation in Ukraine

This decision was made after a fatal accident in the Rivne region.

Violators of traffic rules and curfew will be handed subpoenas to the military enlistment office - police

Such a measure will be in addition to administrative responsibility.

Are they all there? The network got a video where the Kyiv "servant of the people" swears patrolmen

"Are you sick in the head or what? This is the car of the people's deputy of Ukraine!", - says our today's hero.

Treason or violation of traffic rules? Why was People's Deputy Kivu detained?

The deputy himself claims that they wanted to plant prohibited items on him

November surprises: not everyone will come to work, you will have to slow down and fork out for new tariffs

What changes await Ukrainians after November 1?

Tragedy in Kharkov! The minibus has become a death trap for a man and a woman (PHOTO, VIDEO)

The car drove into the lake and quickly went to the bottom, the couple did not have time to get out of it.

Denunciations in the law: the EU Integration Committee proposed to pay people who "knock" about traffic violations

Even the amount has already been named!

"Phantoms" go hunting: from June 1, invisible patrols will appear on Ukrainian roads

Now for violation of traffic rules can arrive from an unexpected direction

Deprivation of rights for 10 years and fines up to 51 thousand hryvnia: the Rada has toughened the punishment for drunk drivers and violators of traffic rules

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine decided to toughen the responsibility for driving under the influence of alcohol and speeding.

Fines are beneficial for Avakov's ministry: sanctions do not solve the problem with road accidents, but only increase funding for the Ministry of Internal Affairs

- The main task of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is to increase the revenues of the state treasury, and then reasonably demand an increase in funding, supposedly they work more efficiently and intensively.

The fine for speeding in the city should be more

- If in the city center a car flies past you along the road at a speed of 101 km / h, do you think a fine of 3 is enough or not enough?

Penalties for pedestrians and cyclists increased in Ukraine: Rada wants to introduce monetary penalties for sexism in advertising

If MPs eventually approve changes to the law "On Advertising" regarding combating gender discrimination, there will be much more penalties for sexist messages.

Poroshenko again spit on the traffic rules and came to the Rada in a car with painted over numbers

This is not the first time the ex-president violates traffic rules

From February 15, drivers began to be fined for driving in a public transport lane: a special camera appeared

The first camera in Kyiv has already begun to do its job

Cameras fixing traffic violations installed on the Kyiv-Chop highway: drivers and lawyers spoke about the system and fines

In Ukraine, they continue to install cameras that record violations of traffic rules. Klymenko Time learned the opinion of drivers about the benefits of the system, and also asked a lawyer how to avoid fines.

Fastened seat belts and retroreflective elements - changes in traffic rules began to operate in Ukraine. Police received 90 cameras with advanced features

By the end of 2020, the agency will transfer another 130 auto-fixation cameras to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which will be installed on state roads

From October 1, Ukrainian drivers must drive with their headlights on.

The rule is valid until May 1