PCR test

We will beat the unvaccinated with a ruble. In the regions, teachers are scared by paid PCR tests

And they also promise to deprive the "sweet" schools, which will not be able to convince most of the teachers to be vaccinated.

Test or "Vdoma": what happens on the Ukrainian-Russian border on the first day of the new rules

Since July 2, Ukraine, in connection with the threat of the spread of the Indian strain of the Delta coronavirus, has tightened the rules for entry from Russia and five other countries.

Tests for coronavirus and self-isolation: what is required at all checkpoints and borders

Ukraine has softened the conditions for crossing checkpoints, the "republic" - no

The EU introduces "green passports" that will contain data on vaccination against coronavirus: what tourists need to know

To enter the European Union, a biometric passport will not be enough - now you need to have a “green passport” with you, which confirms that you are immune to coronavirus

The business of selling fake PCR certificates is booming

Any document can be bought online, including the PCR test

Russia canceled tests for COVID-19 and self-isolation for residents of “LDNR”

Entry into the country is simplified for those who live in the uncontrolled territories of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions and have a “republican”, Russian or Ukrainian (with a local residence permit) passport.

Not a day without zrada: the Russian vaccine is impossible, but PCR tests are possible

Found another topic for zrada. The Ministry of Health is stubbornly fighting against the supply of a vaccine from Russia, but it is successfully purchasing PCR tests.

Stepanov changed the procedure for testing for COVID due to a new mutated strain of coronavirus

The Minister of Health held a traditional morning briefing. Stepanov spoke about the innovations in testing due to the newly identified mutated coronavirus.

It became known under what conditions Ukrainians will be allowed into Montenegro

Ukraine was included in the list of countries in the so-called "yellow zone"