We heat the stove correctly. We choose firewood according to science so that it burns better

We study the properties and parameters of firewood and what to look for when buying.

Preparing for frost: how to get free firewood, warm yourself at home without heating, and why you can’t put a potbelly stove in an apartment

When heating in the absence of heat, you must follow safety rules in order to avoid serious consequences for yourself and others.

Heating will be on wood, but the situation with light is stable: Shmygal gave a forecast from the Cabinet of Ministers

Have you chopped wood? Shmygal allowed stocks, but forbade them to be taken out of the country.

The most difficult winter has already come: are Ukrainian utilities and energy companies ready for the first frosts?

Snow and sub-zero temperatures are promised this week, and this will be the first serious test for the Ukrainian energy systems that are not working at full capacity.

The numbers in bills are growing: how has the communal price risen this year?

Even the frozen gas tariffs turned out to be a quarter higher than last year.

The worst winter in the history of Ukraine: the head of Naftogaz Vitrenko said that in winter there may be neither light nor heating

Also, all oil refineries were destroyed in the country.

It will be dark, but warm: blackouts continue in Ukraine, because of which people are afraid of losing their jobs, problems have begun even abroad

To stabilize the energy system in the country, they began to turn on heating.

Shines - hatred for Putin, and warms - Zelensky's luck: Arestovich believes that a dark and cold winter is not a problem for Ukrainians

An adviser to the Office of the President advises Ukrainians, who will be sitting for weeks without electricity, water and heat, to remember the life hacks of the 90s.

Thousands of families without electricity and gas, but the heating season will be: when it starts and where

Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians remain without gas and electricity, but the heating season is gradually starting. First of all, of course, in Kyiv.

A number of Ukrainian territories will remain without heat, and the temperature in apartments will be lowered by 4 degrees: features of the heating season 2022-2023

And in Nikolaev, they called on the townspeople to look for housing outside the city and said that it was pointless to buy heaters.

A number of regions will be without heating: where it is recommended to evacuate for the winter

More than 5 regions are in danger of disruption of the heating season - what do the authorities say?

Ukrainians are advised to stock up on food, and the government reports on preparations for the most difficult winter

Already by the fall, a rise in prices for all major product groups is predicted.

Isn't everything so bad? "Servants of the people" promise that there will be no problems with heating in winter

True, problems may arise with the delivery of gas to consumers in regions where hostilities continue.

In Zaporozhye, hot water was permanently turned off, and it will be cool in the houses: what can Ukrainians expect this winter

The winter will be difficult, but there should be enough gas for the population.

Due to calls to save heating, the Minister of Economics of Germany was compared with the dictator Ceausescu

A leading German publication believes that the government, calling on the population for austerity in heating, is following the path of the Romanian dictator, who once made his people freeze.

As in Europe: the Cabinet of Ministers plans to lower the temperature in the homes of Ukrainians this winter

The government claims that in this way they are going to save energy resources.

Prepare a sleigh in the summer: Ukrainians are urged to learn how to live in winter with closed windows

And also take an example from the economical countries of developed Europe.

Cabinet obliges Naftogaz to sell gas to hot water suppliers at a discounted price

The government decided to restrain the growth of tariffs for hot water.

Communal, heating, pensions and free travel to the EU: what will change for Ukrainians from June 1

For Ukrainians, the concessions introduced at the beginning of the war are gradually being canceled.

Prices for heating in Ukraine can increase by 3 times. How will this affect the bills of Ukrainians?

Naftogaz says that prices for the population may not rise, but there are important nuances.