heating season

We heat the stove correctly. We choose firewood according to science so that it burns better

We study the properties and parameters of firewood and what to look for when buying.

Klitschko called on the people of Kiev to prepare for the worst scenario, and Kyiv lost 20% of its population

The mayor believes that the topic around heating points is overly politicized.

Preparing for frost: how to get free firewood, warm yourself at home without heating, and why you can’t put a potbelly stove in an apartment

When heating in the absence of heat, you must follow safety rules in order to avoid serious consequences for yourself and others.

Spotted coverage of the mobile network may occur in Ukraine, and power outages in the country may become more frequent and longer

Meanwhile, residents of Kyiv are asked to use heaters less.

The most difficult winter has already come: are Ukrainian utilities and energy companies ready for the first frosts?

Snow and sub-zero temperatures are promised this week, and this will be the first serious test for the Ukrainian energy systems that are not working at full capacity.

Subsidies in Ukraine: how to get and what has changed

Now you can apply for a subsidy not only at the place of registration, but also at the place of actual residence, which should facilitate payments for IDPs.

Firewood on the Internet and potbelly stoves in Sadovoe: how Ukrainians will warm themselves this winter

In Ukraine, a state-owned firewood online store has been launched, but the quantity of goods is limited.

The most difficult heating season in the history of Ukraine: how should residents of apartments and private houses prepare for it?

Simple tips to help you deal with difficult situations.

Sadovoy urged to stock up on potbelly stoves, Getmantsev is proud of the people standing in line for candles, and the government told when heating will be provided

Winter for Ukraine may be even more difficult because of the shelling of energy infrastructure.

They will heat wood chips and solid waste: Naftogaz plans to heat dwellings with heat made from biomass

In Ukraine, they are going to heat on biomass and solid secondary fuel - on anything, just to stretch out the heating season.

Thousands of families without electricity and gas, but the heating season will be: when it starts and where

Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians remain without gas and electricity, but the heating season is gradually starting. First of all, of course, in Kyiv.

A number of Ukrainian territories will remain without heat, and the temperature in apartments will be lowered by 4 degrees: features of the heating season 2022-2023

And in Nikolaev, they called on the townspeople to look for housing outside the city and said that it was pointless to buy heaters.

Heating season 2022: when will it be warm in the homes of Ukrainians and how much will we pay in tariffs?

The heating season will begin in Ukraine, but earlier is not a fact. The Ministry of Regional Development is doing everything possible so that Ukrainians do not freeze in winter.

A number of regions will be without heating: where it is recommended to evacuate for the winter

More than 5 regions are in danger of disruption of the heating season - what do the authorities say?

We'll have to save gas: Naftogaz told what kind of assistance Ukraine can count on

The next winter will be very difficult for Ukraine - the most difficult in the history of Independence.

In Europe, people are protesting over energy savings and gas prices, and Johnson advises to "buy kettles and not bathe"

In Europe, people are being urged to “tighten their belts”, but for now, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has suggested that people buy electric kettles.

It will be warm, but not enough: Naftogaz urged to prepare for a difficult winter and told how much gas Ukraine needs in the heating season

Ukrainians are waiting for the coldest winter in history. Naftogaz fears for the import of blue fuel, as well as the fact that the Russian Federation will aim at the gas infrastructure of Ukraine.

There will be heating, but the limits have been greatly reduced: what Ukrainians should prepare for

Although the price of gas this year will remain the same, the limits on blue fuel for enterprises have been greatly reduced.

Will there be a shortage of gas in Ukraine in winter, what prices are expected and which Ukrainians will be able to pay for gas in rubles?

Ukraine may not have time to pump the necessary volumes of gas into storage facilities.

Ukrainians are advised to stock up on food, and the government reports on preparations for the most difficult winter

Already by the fall, a rise in prices for all major product groups is predicted.