Ostap Drozdov

"Lost the stitcher." How Drozdov complained to Sokolova about "servants of the people"

Amazing combo!

Ostap suffered! How the Servant of the People fired Drozdov from the TV channel

Irreparable loss in the ranks of media instigators.

Ostap Drozdov is fired from Channel 4: for inciting hatred or for criticizing Zelensky?

It's too early to rejoice: most likely, the channel's rhetoric will not change much.

Servant of the People bought a TV channel for 4,3 million, where instigators Drozdov and Sokolova work

Is the Office of the President expanding its influence and trying to make friends with the nationalists?

“Deport Russia and destroy the Kerch bridge”: instigator Drozdov told what to do with Crimea

And after all, once again, nothing will happen to him for these words.

Ostap Drozdov received for his "language". The National Council issued a fine of 100 thousand hryvnia

How the National Council punished Ostap Drozdov.

Propagandist Ostap Drozdov to be fined UAH 100 for insulting Ukrainians

The National Council issued a fine to Channel 4

The instigator Drozdov was put in his place: the National Council found that the TV presenter on the air of Channel 4 incited hatred and enmity towards the citizens of Ukraine

In February 2021, Ostap Drozdov, on the air of Channel 4, called the viewers of the banned TV channels 112 Ukraine, NewsOne and ZIK imbeciles and rats

The Servant of the People party "stole" the draft law on collaborators from the National Corps and veterans - people's deputies submitted the document on their own behalf

On Independence Day 2020, under the rule of Volodymyr Zelensky, a column of three thousand ATO veterans brought an improved bill on collaborators to the President's Office

Gerasimyuk promised to deal with Ukrainian propagandist Ostap Drozdov

Although, there is a strong feeling that Gerasimyuk's promise is just a formal reply.

Will they really be punished: Ukrainian propagandist Ostap Drozdov is accused of inciting hatred

His colleagues from Channel 4 see nothing wrong with Drozdov's insults to Ukrainians.

Kravchuk believes that Ukraine should give a "response" in the Donbass, the NUJU condemned the closure of NewsOne and 112 Ukraine, the European Parliament demanded a ban on "Peacemaker", and the regions are fighting snow: an overview of the main news of the week

Leonid Kravchuk said that Ukraine should “answer” in the Donbass, the NUJU condemned the closure of TV channels, and the European Union supported them in this - all the main news of Klimenko Time for the past week in our selection.

The National Council appointed another check to the NASH TV channel: this time because of Azarov's tough statements

There is something symbolic in the fact that the National Council appointed the "OUR" check on the same day that Drozdov wiped his feet on millions of Ukrainians

Ukrainian propagandist Ostap Drozdov compared his YouTube channel to a toilet bowl. Video

Apparently, in a fit of righteous anger, he himself did not understand what he said.

Tough language policy and de-Russification of the whole country: what Taras Kremin spoke about in an interview with propagandist Ostap Drozdov

I agreed with the opinion that “love” for the Ukrainian language should be instilled through the ban on Russian.

Odious presenter - "patriot" from Lviv confessed to hatred of Ukraine

Called Ukrainians idiots

Lviv presenter-“patriot” gave out a new “pearl” about Crimea and Putin: he was answered

And also proposed to arrange a complete blockade