"Patriot" is not a wunderwaffe that will completely cover the Ukrainian sky

The system intercepts far from all enemy missiles.

War is good for business: American arms manufacturers held a party in honor of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Washington

Without their military assistance, Ukraine would not have coped, but military contractors have never acted so openly.

The United States intends to launch a mechanism to track aid to Ukraine

For this they want to develop a program and use the experience of Iraq and Afghanistan.

While there is a war, the trust in the police will not be checked: the essence of the new order of the Cabinet of Ministers

Since there is a war - there is no need to check the trust in the police - it was decided in the Cabinet of Ministers and canceled the assessment of the level of public confidence.

Poles fighting in the Armed Forces of Ukraine face up to 5 years in prison, but no one wants to punish them

The road is paved with good intentions into... prison. The Poles who are fighting for Ukraine face a term for mercenarism.

Explosions sounded in Sevastopol, and the United States may supply cluster munitions to Ukraine: military news for December 8

Vladimir Putin is setting the stage for a protracted war in Ukraine, and Russian forces have likely modified Iranian drones to operate in colder weather conditions.

Despite sanctions, Russian cruise missiles were produced only a few months ago

It is not known whether Russia has exhausted its stock of old cruise missiles.

Do weapons supplied to Ukraine end up in other countries and how is it controlled?

We figure out where is the truth and where is the lie in such a sensitive topic.

How was Russia able to carry out the largest air attack on Ukraine?

Western and Ukrainian officials have said Moscow's stockpiles of missiles are declining. But the blows dealt this week cast doubt on that.

The President of Ukraine has officially announced the fundraising for the construction of a fleet of sea drones. What is the strength of the new weapon?

Autonomous offshore torpedoes have a long history that modern technology has given new impetus.

Germany to check arms supplies to Kyiv after Switzerland opposed

From words they turned to deeds - Europe nevertheless decided to check the goals of deliveries of weapons and ammunition to Ukraine. The Bundestag took over.

The National Bank allowed volunteers to buy hryvnias abroad, and also to leave the currency on their accounts: new concessions

The National Bank has greatly simplified cooperation with volunteers who purchase defense goods, as well as foreign currency. And smuggling does not scare him.

Iranian missiles will fly from the north: Ukraine has no protection against new weapons that Russia can receive from Iran

The military argues that it is theoretically possible to shoot down such missiles, but for the air defense available to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, this will be a practically unsolvable task.

Russia is fighting, but the main threat is China: the US published the National Defense Strategy

This is a policy document that defines the military and defense strategy of the US government.

The black market for weapons in Ukraine and the "dirty" nuclear bomb: what Putin said at a meeting with representatives of the CIS intelligence services

And the UN does not believe that Ukraine is making a bomb, because the Russian Federation did not provide enough evidence.

Reznikov called Ukraine a testing ground for weapons, and a pregnant woman died due to the fall of rocket debris in the Dnieper: military news for October 26

The consequences of shooting down missiles are no less tragic than the consequences of their hitting the target.

"Remaining goodbye": instead of air defense, Israel promised Ukraine public warning systems

Reznikov did talk to Benny Gantz, but did not hear anything new, and Zelensky urged Israel to decide which side they are on.

War of drones: how are they hitting Ukraine, how is Ukraine responding and how can you fight them?

Everything you need to know about drones in the war in Ukraine, and how to protect yourself from them.

To stop nuclear confrontation and further keep high oil prices: UAE president wants to talk to Putin

In this visit, the sheikh's personal interest can be traced, and the topics of Ukraine are just a tool here.

RPGs, grenades and Kalashnikov assault rifles: an arsenal of weapons was found at the home of a pedophile who killed a policewoman

Now Ukrainian crime is armed to the teeth, and the country has problems with arms control.