"Dead souls" of Ombudsman Denisova or family business on fakes - media investigation

The stories of sexual violence against the Russian military, which Lyudmila Denisova told for two months, so far have not been able to confirm either law enforcement officers or journalists.

Changes in the state budget, the resignation of the Ombudsman, a new public holiday: what did the deputies in Verkhovna Rada accept today

The deputies also want to expand the areas of volunteering.

When and how will the academic year end in Ukrainian schools

Regardless of the form and place of training, its results will be officially counted.

How Ukraine ensures the rights of Russian prisoners of war and what is "public curiosity" - an expert's answer

The UN calls on Russia and Ukraine to investigate cases of abuse of prisoners of war.

Bullying in schools: educational ombudsman proposes new punishments

The Ombudsman proposes to extend legal protection against bullying to teachers and students.

The Ukrainian Ombudsman wants to close the "Peacemaker". Why only now?

Why was the drain of other people's data worried only in 2021, and not seven years ago?

Ombudsman Denisova demanded to remove the profile of 13-year-old Faina Savenkova from the "Peacemaker"

And let others remain, despite the illegality?

European capital? In the center of Kyiv, a Molotov cocktail was thrown into the office of the Ombudsman

Is this how they protest?

Relatives of Ombudswoman Denisova turned out to be citizens of the Russian Federation doing business there

However, nothing new

A good reason: why the topic of the exchange of prisoners in the Donbass resurfaced

A year has passed since the last prisoner exchange. All this time, the parties have been exchanging statements on this point of the Minsk agreements, but in reality the process is blocked

TikTok is killing kids? Children's ombudsman demands to ban the social network - the flash mob that led to the death of schoolchildren is to blame

Children's Ombusman of Ukraine Mykola Kuleba called for a drastic ban on the territory of Ukraine of the TikTok social network, all because of an alleged poisoning flash mob that killed schoolgirls.

A Ukrainian is not the one who wears an embroidered shirt, but if you speak Russian, you are immediately an agent of the Kremlin: school principal speaks about the persecution of nationalists

Ombudsman Kremin and sofa troops continue to seek out new victims. This time we got to the Russian-language school.

Conflicts, surzhik and language raids: what threatens further Ukrainization under pressure

With the help of Ukrainization, they are trying to reorient the country geopolitically, but as a result, they only deepen the split of society.

Ombudsman Denisova against medical reform Suprun: reduction of hospitals and quarantine violate the rights of Ukrainians

Ombudsman Denisov asks the Constitutional Court to check the Suprun medical reform and the introduction of quarantine

Fines will hit not on pockets, but on reputation, - Kremin spoke about punishments for violations of the language law

The Ombudsman noted that a large number of institutions that provide services have long since switched to serving the state language

Hype or restoration of cultural heritage: Reznikov demanded recognition of the Crimean Tatar language from Google

The Ministry of Reintegration turned to Google with a request to include the Crimean Tatar language in the Translator. Now the Crimean Tatar language is spoken by about 6 million people in the world.

The representative of the Ombudsman Lisyansky severely beat an elderly security guard in a restaurant in Svyatogorsk because of a remark: Denisova explained herself (Video)

Lisyansky is the first winner of the German-French award in Ukraine for achievements in the field of human rights protection and the rule of law

Barbecue people at the market, grandmothers on the highway and even the deaf and dumb will be obliged to speak Ukrainian: the Ombudsman reported on success that is contrary to the Constitution

If the ex-Ombudsman Tatyana Monakhova lasted six months and during this time she did not find success in the field, then the current one sold out in full. After the New Year, Kremin will force everyone to speak Ukrainian.