Olaf Scholz

Why are the Germans afraid of the spread of the war in Ukraine to the West?

German society is not satisfied with the changes that the geopolitical events of the past year have brought to the usual rhythm of philistine existence.

"Pain and Humiliation" How Poland wipes its feet on Germany, and why Berlin tolerates it

In recent months and weeks, relations between Warsaw and Berlin, which were not perfect even before, take on the character of a clear and defiant disregard of the interests of Germany by the Polish side.

Tensions arose between Germany and France over Ukraine

In Europe, they are concerned about the growth of another conflict between the most powerful EU countries.

A trade war could break out between the US and Europe over new US law

There is growing momentum in Berlin for a radical Plan B.

Poland and Germany clash over who will train the Ukrainian military

Due to disagreements, the training of Ukrainian soldiers was postponed for several months.

Scholz opposes negotiations between Ukraine and Russia: what is the reason for such a decision?

Scholz opposes negotiations, as he believes that it was Putin who "made efforts" to break the peace between the countries.

The topic of negotiations between Kyiv and Moscow has returned to the world agenda, who needs it?

Launching a negotiation process, especially in a situation where the parties to the conflict are openly unprepared for it, is a very complicated matter and requires outstanding diplomatic skills.

Biden's grandiose projects, luck for Putin, Zelensky's fatigue and Erdogan's exploits: an astrological forecast for politicians for the next week

We do not believe in astrology, but in order to at least slightly defuse the situation, we decided to experiment and "try on" the astrological forecast for the next week to world leaders and their zodiac signs.

Disappointment of the year: the Germans pointed out to Scholz and Co. the discrepancy with their positions

I must say that in comparison with the assessment of the activities of other representatives of the German authorities, the German Chancellor was still on top.

Poland against Germany: Polish officials accused Germany of wanting to cooperate with Russia and want reparations

Poland decided to strike at Germany in the face of an impending energy crisis.

Take your toys and don't touch my pot: Germany threatened Poland with border revision

In response to demands for reparations, Olaf Scholz hinted to the Poles that Germany also knew how to "dig through history books."

What do you say now, Mr. Scholz? In the US, they said they did not forbid Berlin to send tanks to Ukraine

It suddenly turned out that NATO countries do not have to ask Washington what weapons to send to Ukraine and what not.

Scholz called Putin: what the leaders of the two countries talked about for an hour and a half

The German chancellor, like the French president before, called on the head of the Kremlin to reach a diplomatic settlement of the conflict in Ukraine as soon as possible.

It turned out that Ukraine owes the success of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the counteroffensive to Germany

This was stated by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, but he again evaded answering a question about the supply of German tanks.

Not again, but again: Germany does not want to supply Ukraine with any of its 500 Dingos

Melnik calls on the Bundeswehr to change their minds and save the lives of Ukrainian soldiers, while Zelensky writes that he agreed on everything with Scholz.

Shmyhal's optimism about German tanks turned out to be exaggerated

The German media write that the likelihood that the Armed Forces will switch to Leopard 2 or at least Leopard 1 is very low.

I talked with him and will continue to do so: Scholz, following Macron, announced the need for a dialogue with Putin

According to the German Chancellor, he is in close contact with the Russian leader and is not going to refuse to cooperate.

“Weapons must be silenced”: deputies of the ruling party of Germany opposed the arming of Ukraine

Against the background of the energy crisis, from which Germany will suffer more than other EU countries, MPs insist on a ceasefire in Ukraine and peace talks with Russia.

Weapons, hydrangeas, Ukrainian songs and poems by Shevchenko: who and how congratulated Ukraine on Independence Day

Despite the full-scale war, today Ukraine received congratulations on its 31st birthday and, of course, gifts, mainly in the form of weapons.

Based on the Crimean platform: Zelensky said he would return Crimea by any means he deems right

According to the head of state, Ukraine is not going to consult with other countries on what means to return the occupied territories.