offshore Zelensky

Attempt on Shefir, offshore companies, Wagnerites: authoritative German media published material with Zelensky's pre-war scandals

The material under the characteristic title “Secret Deals of President Zelensky” begins with an analysis of the scandalous “anti-oligarchic law”.

Chilean president impeached over Pandora Papers. Zelensky next?

I think no

"Zelensky is an exemplary declarant": NAPC checked the president's declaration after the Pandora Papers investigation

It is quite expected.

Zelensky lost almost a third of his rating after the offshore scandal - opinion poll

And these are only the official, "combed" figures!

“The plot is not very good, I speak like a professional”: Zelensky commented on the offshore scandal and told himself to be impeached

The President tried to get out and through negligence confessed to a criminal offense.

Based on the meeting of the National Security and Defense Council: what do Morgenstern and Stefanchuk have in common, a mistake with thieves in law and why there will be no sanctions on Zelensky's offshore

Caesar's wife is beyond suspicion, in the sense that the president's offshore "kosher".

"Vidosik no more!". Konstantin Bondarenko on the change in the information policy of the President's Office

About Zelensky's rating, information policy of the President's Office and scandals.

Why did the United States launch a scandal with offshore companies of Zelensky and CO?

Who benefits from the offshore scandal?

"What's wrong with that?": The President's office did not find corpus delicti in Zelensky's offshore schemes

Who would doubt that!

"The image of a good guy Zelensky crumbles like a house of sand": a political scientist about the offshore scandal

In 2019, Ukrainians voted to ensure that presidents never have offshore again.