In Transcarpathia, they tried to steal a helicopter, and in Kyiv there were searches in the case of theft in the subway

What kind of adventures you will not meet at the border. The national police arrested a man who tried to drag a helicopter across the border.

Will the churches of the Moscow Patriarchate be banned in Ukraine and will the priests be exchanged as prisoners of war?

Searches in church cloisters continue, but the SBU assures that the Moscow Patriarchate will not be banned. However, in case of persecution, priests cannot even be exchanged as prisoners of war.

They mocked, beat, put under the table: the mayor of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky said that the SBU used force against him

And the SBU says that the mayor himself attacked them.

RPGs, grenades and Kalashnikov assault rifles: an arsenal of weapons was found at the home of a pedophile who killed a policewoman

Now Ukrainian crime is armed to the teeth, and the country has problems with arms control.

Kolomoisky has been searched again, but he doesn’t know about it: the investigation came to the oligarch’s house at five in the morning. What they were looking for is not yet clear

Igor Kolomoisky, the “golden calf” of the Ukrainian authorities, as they say, “felt the udder” - he was searched.