Poland and Germany clash over who will train the Ukrainian military

Due to disagreements, the training of Ukrainian soldiers was postponed for several months.

The Ministry of Education appealed to the countries of the world on the issue of mobilization of Ukrainian students: details

The government wants to partially solve the problem of teaching Ukrainian students abroad.

The state will pay for students: who will be transferred to the budget and what should be done so that student debts are compensated at the state expense?

The country decided to help students who, due to the war, cannot pay for their studies.

The baby was thrown out with water: all Ukrainian male students studying abroad were banned from leaving the country until the end of the war

Many students may now be left without education and the money paid for it.

Departure of Ukrainian students to study abroad is a theater of the absurd and a national disgrace

In Ukraine, they decided not to let students out of the country anymore.

Ukrainian students in Poland can pay for tuition, housing and transport - program details

Also, a non-governmental organization in Poland organized another financial aid for Ukrainians.

Training online or offline? The positions of the Ministry of Education and parents were divided

Most parents worry about the safety of their children.

Language banned: Russian will not be studied or taught in Kyiv - KSCA

The capital followed the example of a number of other Ukrainian regions.

Free IT education in Ukraine: admission for training from the Ministry of Digital Development has started

We need to hurry: applications will only last 2 weeks.

Only 23% of Ukrainian schools are ready for offline education, but online education can also be difficult: what will education be like from September 1

Not all schools that have bomb shelters will be able to open in the new academic year.

Academic year 2022/2023: what changes await Ukrainian schoolchildren

The war makes its own adjustments to the educational process.

Only 8% of schools will be able to open in the fall: the reason is named

It is also planned to make changes in four school subjects.

Ukrainian students want to start teaching how to handle weapons

This is despite the fact that schoolchildren are already taught the basics of shooting within the framework of the subject "Protection of Ukraine", but, apparently, only at the level of theory.

From July 24, the mechanism for training and retraining drivers will change in Ukraine

Also, during martial law, the procedure for training drivers and obtaining rights was simplified.