United Arab Emirates

No one has seen the negotiations between Ukraine and Russia, but they exist

Western media reported that last week representatives of Kyiv and Moscow held a meeting in the United Arab Emirates.

Putin met with Grossi and the President of the United Arab Emirates - what they talked about

The sheikh boasted that a Russian school would be opened in the Emirates, and the IAEA Director General again expressed concern about the situation at the Zaporozhye power plant.

To stop nuclear confrontation and further keep high oil prices: UAE president wants to talk to Putin

In this visit, the sheikh's personal interest can be traced, and the topics of Ukraine are just a tool here.

The conflict between Biden and the crown prince of Saudi Arabia: what does the energy crisis have to do with it and what awaits Ukraine?

The verbal skirmish between the President of the United States and Mohammed bin Salman can say a lot about the situation in the oil market and the future of Europe

Ukrainian women arrested in the Emirates for a candid photo shoot were deported

The last of the girls has so far remained in the country - she was diagnosed with Covid-19.

Shmygal wants to get rid of Urusky because of a bad photo. Deputy Prime Minister responded to the head of the Cabinet of Ministers

After returning from a gun show in the UAE, the vice prime minister in charge of strategic industries could be fired.

Zelensky's visit to the UAE: preparations for the opening of the land market

Klymenko Time analyzed the purpose of the meeting and drew conclusions about the possible results

The IMF "pooped one's pants", not Ukraine: the adviser to the head of the OP Milovanov made a scandalous statement

This is not the first time Milovanov has made strange statements. He previously admitted to being a "moron"

Yarosh caught Poroshenko on the plane and the airport in Amsterdam. Video and interesting facts from the life of the "hunter" for the ex-president

The ex-president of Ukraine escaped as best he could.

Tupitsky went on the counterattack - the head of the CCU said that after returning from the UAE, they want to arrange a “mask show” for him at the airport

Refers to information from reliable sources.

The Constitutional Court is justified for Tupitsky's vacation in the UAE - who is behind the information attack on the head of the Constitutional Court?

Does not rent a villa and rests on honestly earned money

The highest skyscraper in the world congratulated Ukraine on Independence Day: video

Dubai wishes Ukrainians peace and prosperity

All 48 floors were on fire: in the UAE there was a fire in the famous skyscraper. Photo and video

The fire was extinguished