Kherson and Donetsk under heavy shelling, Bakhmut is hell on Earth: military news December 18

Kherson under heavy enemy fire, Donetsk and Belgorod also "got" hard. Details of the next day of the war in our summary.

Trenches are being dug on the beach in Crimea, a military base has been blown up in Melitopol, and Putin is preparing a war of attrition: military news 11 December

In Melitopol, powerful explosions in the barracks, in the Crimea, trenches are being dug right on the beach, and Putin has conceived a war of attrition.

Russia is preparing another wave of mobilization and another "Wagner", and in the Donbass they are waiting for the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the onset of frost: military news November 27

Russia is preparing for the next wave of mobilization - so far only in the "new" territories. At this time, analysts predict a transition to the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass. Kryvyi Rih and Zaporozhye are under fire.

Russia launches nuclear missiles, trying to "deceive" air defense, experts predict an attack on Crimea, and first light was given in Kherson: military news on November 26

The Dnieper and Kherson were under attack. Electricity was given in the liberated city, but it will take two days for the full restoration of electricity. Meanwhile, Russia is using nuclear missiles as "dummy" for our air defenses.

Russia needs to prepare for a serious defense of Crimea, Iranian drones will be produced in Russia: military news for November 21

The situation is especially difficult now near Bakhmut.

Explosions in the Dnieper, Nikopol, a number of regions and in the Crimea, the Russian Federation wants to bring Ukrainian infrastructure to degradation: military news in Ukraine on November 17

Ukraine strikes back - a drone attacked a substation near Feodosia.

Russia destroys a key facility providing power to the Kherson region and is moving troops to the Donetsk region: military news for November 15

Instead of victories on the battlefield, the Russians decided to focus on destroying Ukraine's energy infrastructure.

A “winter pause” is possible in hostilities, the Russian flag has disappeared in Melitopol, and Kherson region is now under artillery fire: military news November 13

Under enemy fire - Zaporozhye region, Nikopol, as well as the left bank of the Kherson region. Meanwhile, experts are planning a pause in the counteroffensive for the winter.

Surrounded by 5 Russian soldiers near Liman, they were surrounded, shelling of territories continues: military news October 1

Donetsk under hurricane fire, as well as Nikopol and Nikolaev. At this time, news comes from Liman - they report that 5 thousand Russian soldiers are surrounded. Military news for 1 October.

The General Staff reports the failure of the Russian offensive, under fire Kharkiv, Nikopol, Donetsk: military news for August 13

Large-scale shelling continues in the Donetsk direction and Dnepropetrovsk region, there are wounded.