The head of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, Dolinsky, said that nationalists threatened him with murder

In the comments in one of the telegram channels, they think how great it would be to chip in on the killer

Tesak's heirs: right-wing radicals are persecuting a black guy for dating a Ukrainian woman

And what about the police?

"Patriot" poured from a can of a pensioner for an olympic shirt with the inscription "USSR"

"Glory to Ukraine!" he shouted at the same time. That's really glory!

Aryan anger: nationalists came out to protest against the Roma in the Kyiv region

This time without pogroms, but henceforth be more careful.

Neo-Nazis Botsman and Karas appreciated Usyk's "white breed" and decided to recruit him for themselves

About the boxer with the "wrong" political views suddenly started talking after his victory in Britain

There is no neo-Nazism in Ukraine, but are there neo-Nazis?

There is no neo-Nazism in Ukraine, but there are neo-Nazis.