The liquidation of Ukrainians in Russia, the execution of a family in Makeyevka, Prigozhin’s man will command the western military district of the Russian Federation: military news December 27

The dead were part of the "Brotherhood" of Korchinsky.

Is sexology an important diplomatic science? A girl with no diplomatic experience became the Ambassador of Ukraine to Bulgaria

And her firm appeared in a criminal case of money laundering.

Cynology - the science of cinema? The new head of the Dovzhenko Center treats the fear of dogs with hypnosis and has nothing to do with the film industry

She was also the owner of the company that appears in the criminal case.

Liz Truss against white men: the new British prime minister decided to select employees by gender and skin color

We also tell interesting moments of the biography of Truss.

Zelensky continues to change the top leadership of the security forces: the commander of the SOF Galagan was fired

By another decree, Zelensky appointed Viktor Khorenko as the new commander of the SOF.

Zelensky replaced the heads of state administrations in Odessa and Cherkassy regions with military personnel

Ukraine is gradually moving towards governance under martial law by introducing military-civilian administrations.

Mister Twister new minister: deputies "distributed" four ministerial portfolios

The new ministers have already "pleased" with statements