offensive in the Donbass

Soledar. What is happening in the city on the outskirts of Bakhmut?

In Soledar and around it, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have a difficult situation, which both Zelensky and officials of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine already admit.

The last Chinese warning: why did the PRC call on its citizens to evacuate from Ukraine?

The Chinese Foreign Ministry urged its fellow citizens to leave Ukraine as soon as possible, and other foreign policy allies of Russia did the same. We understand what this means for our country, and how the situation may change in the near future.

Russia expanded targets for missile strikes, Yelenovskaya colony with "Azov" again under fire: military news 18 September

Under shelling again Yelenovskaya colony, where Ukrainian prisoners of war are located, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine explained powerful explosions in Kherson - military news for September 18.