Poles fighting in the Armed Forces of Ukraine face up to 5 years in prison, but no one wants to punish them

The road is paved with good intentions into... prison. The Poles who are fighting for Ukraine face a term for mercenarism.

The isolation of the Russian Federation is not total: where does Russia get help for the war with Ukraine?

Although Ukraine has received a huge amount of help from around the world since the Russian invasion, Russia's overt and covert support should not be discounted.

Sent "for slaughter", steal and forced to loot: foreigners fighting in Ukraine accuse the command of abuse

According to an investigation by Ukrainian journalists, in one of the units of the "Foreign Legion" the military leadership creates complete chaos.

Not contractors, but "assistants": the Pentagon has found a way to send the military to Ukraine, but covertly

The US Department of Defense veiled the participation of the US military in the fighting in Ukraine, using a new tactic.

The West is concerned about the number of far-right foreign volunteers in Ukraine

Europeans are worried that radicals who have received combat experience at the front will return home and begin to riot

Syrian president may send 40 mercenaries to Ukraine - Defense Ministry Main Intelligence Directorate

The Syrians will allegedly perform exclusively police functions, but, according to rumors, they will also be involved in hostilities in order to fight against the Ukrainians.