While Arestovich is cursing Mogilyanka and Ukrainian youth, a robot student has been admitted to a Chinese university

Arestovich called the graduates of the Kiev-Mohyla Academy "fucking youth", and the academy itself "***banut", but later apologized.

In 2022, scholarships will be increased for students. Why rejoice early?

Along with the cash increase, students are likely to be in for a couple of unpleasant surprises.

Another terrible accident in Kharkov: 16-year-old major lost control, there are dead

Has the story with Zaitseva taught anyone anything?

Generation of "numbers": what kind of change is growing up in Ukraine

Ukrainian youth is changing both for the worse and for the better

What did you do for hip-hop at your age: Arakhamia “lit up” at a disco surrounded by “ship pines”

While Jean Beleniuk won "gold" at the Olympics, David Arakhamia "showed off" in front of the youth at the DJ console. As they say, who studied what.

“The defective generation” and “black sheep”: a political scientist spoke about unpatriotic Ukrainian youth

Ukrainization, embroidery and total bans on everything Russian will no longer help them.