Why is Moldova still without electricity and how is this related to the export of Ukrainian electricity?

The head of the Moldovan Foreign Ministry complained about interruptions in the supply of electricity from Ukraine, and Ukrenergo claims that exports were stopped a month and a half ago.

Neighboring Moldova is also without electricity: the Russian ambassador was summoned to the MFA "on the carpet"

After the missile attack on Ukraine, some regions of Moldova were left without electricity, and a blackout in Transnistria is also reported.

Gazprom accused Ukraine of stealing gas intended for Moldova and threatened to cut supplies of blue fuel

The GTS of Ukraine called it a gross manipulation, and the market reacted with a "swing" of prices.

Fight against Russian influence or political reprisal? The head of Moldova Sandu called on the EU to impose sanctions against the Moldovan opposition

Sandu believes that the protests in the country are Russia's revenge for Moldova's position on Ukraine.

Media: two Russian missiles fell on the territory of Poland (updated)

American intelligence confirmed the information, while Russia called it "a deliberate provocation in order to escalate the situation."

Europe needs the kidneys of Moldovans: all the inhabitants of the country have become potential donors

Journalists fear that due to total corruption in medicine, Moldovan doctors will decide that it is more profitable to disassemble into organs than to treat.

It will be dark, but warm: blackouts continue in Ukraine, because of which people are afraid of losing their jobs, problems have begun even abroad

To stabilize the energy system in the country, they began to turn on heating.

Sanctions against the Russian Federation are gradually weakening: flights to Russia will be resumed in Moldova from October

There were protests against sanctions in several EU countries, but there was a nuance to them.

First we supply, and then we fight smuggling: the EU is concerned about the illegal traffic of weapons from Ukraine

Meanwhile, the EU Commission supported the allocation of 1 billion euros of macro-financial assistance to Ukraine, the money will be used to meet urgent budgetary needs.

The war in Ukraine is not only a training ground for hostilities, but also a drug market

The UN and Europe are talking about the potential threat of the spread of synthetic drugs from Ukraine.

Ukraine received the status of a candidate for EU membership: what's next?

Without reforms in the EU, Ukraine is unlikely to be accepted, and this may take years and even decades.

European refugee crisis just beginning - The Guardian

The number of refugees who moved to Europe in 2022 is 4-7 times higher than in 2015.

Candidate status, but with conditions: the European Commission held a debate on the application of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia

Questions remain about Georgia.

Escalation in Transnistria: what is known about the events in the unrecognized republic and will the Russian Federation open a second front?

Tiraspol announced "terrorist attacks", Chisinau and Kyiv - about provocations, and Moscow and the United States are "closely watching".

Negotiations, the battle for Donbass, fears of Ukraine's neighbors: what the Western and Asian media write about the latest events in the country

Western media say that supplies and logistics are the key factor in the battle for Donbass.

The EU adopted a plan to support Ukrainian refugees: what does it provide

The heads of the Ministries of the Interior of the EU countries agreed to create a unified system for registering refugees.

Russia plans to attack Poland, Moldova, Baltic states and Kazakhstan - Podolyak

With such an initiative in Russia was made by a deputy from the Communist Party.

The Czech Prime Minister said that the country can no longer accept refugees from Ukraine

Meanwhile, in Poland, Ukrainians are urged not to go to megacities, but to stay in small towns.

War in Ukraine: how Ukrainian refugees are received throughout Europe

Volunteers throughout Europe provide Ukrainians with everything they need.

Judge Chaus was taken out of Ukraine by Zelensky's deputy OP - transcript of interrogations

In parallel, Chaus's lawyers brought discord into his family life, pushing his wife to divorce.