End of the era of sanctions?

Opponents of the United States have already come up with 3 ways to level the consequences of US sanctions.

Private Western investors earn on lending to Ukraine

And ordinary Ukrainians will pay for everything.

War in Ukraine: five scenarios for the development of events in 2023

Can the war end in 2023 and how?

Ukraine took two steps forward and one step back in the fight against corruption

In the West, they again remembered the corruption around President Zelensky.

The Great War is Back: 5 Lessons from Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

Both sides are exhausted by the fighting, and the Russian Federation is changing its strategy in the course of the war.

There are relations that the West simply cannot break with Russia

Because of the invasion of Ukraine, the EU and the US have severed ties with Moscow on everything from energy to trade and travel, but there is a partnership they cannot refuse.

Ukraine is working on proposals for a peaceful settlement on the anniversary of the start of the war

In parallel, both sides of the conflict continue to strengthen their military positions.

Amid demonstration of unity, Zelensky and Biden disagree on military supplies

The West continues to limit the supply of arms to Ukraine, fearing a big war.

There is no convincing evidence of Russia's involvement in the attack on Nord Stream

And the lack of certainty about who blew up the gas pipeline is pushing Western countries to tighten security measures.

Aid to Ukraine from the US Congress may slow down as the war drags on

Also, the United States will have to strongly lobby for the provision of assistance to Ukraine by Europe.

Will elections be held in Ukraine under martial law?

The next parliamentary elections were scheduled for October 29, 2023.

The United States intends to launch a mechanism to track aid to Ukraine

For this they want to develop a program and use the experience of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Claims to Crimea give little chance for a peace agreement between Russia and Ukraine

The war that began in the Crimea may end there.

"Minsk" turned into a farce: Merkel's statements on Ukraine are incomplete and contradictory

The words of the ex-Chancellor of Germany caused a strong reaction in the political community, Lukashenko reacted especially emotionally.

Ukraine's membership in NATO is a forbidden topic for the Alliance

Western countries avoid the "explosive" issue of Ukraine's accession to NATO, because they are afraid of a military conflict with the Russian Federation.

Despite sanctions, Russian cruise missiles were produced only a few months ago

It is not known whether Russia has exhausted its stock of old cruise missiles.

The EU cannot confiscate the frozen assets of the Russian Central Bank for Ukraine

At the same time, the EU wants to judge the highest officials of the Russian Federation for the invasion of Ukraine.

Who should give more? Disagreements arise between the US, Europe and NATO countries over assistance to Ukraine

Washington believes that the distribution of the burden of economic assistance to Kyiv is unfair and the allied countries can and should give more.

Ukraine's attempt to return the Crimea will be bloody and difficult

In the West, they fear that the operation to return the Crimea or Donbass may push Russia to escalate, and the local population will not help the Armed Forces of Ukraine as much as in the Kharkiv region.

Dependence on Starlink could pose a threat to Ukraine

In the United States and Ukraine, they fear that Elon Musk can change his decision to provide Starlink at any time, which could negatively affect the course of the war, but there is actually no alternative.