Ministry of Agrarian Policy

Ukrainians began to eat less meat and fruits, and watermelons will cost 30-35 hryvnia per kilogram

Due to the increased cost of logistics, the prices of everything, including food, are rising.

Harvest in Ukraine may be reduced by 40% in 2023 - Ministry of Agrarian Policy

This year, only 75% of the fields were sown.

Blocking of Ukrainian ports will lead to global food panic - Ministry of Agrarian Policy

The export of agricultural products from Ukraine has decreased by more than 2,5 times, which has already begun to negatively affect food security in the world.

Sowing at gunpoint: what is the situation with sowing in the regions of Ukraine

In the Lugansk region, the sowing campaign has not yet begun. The UN also announced the blocking of 4,5 million tons of grain in the ports of Ukraine.

Sowing season 2023 in Ukraine is under great threat: the expert explained the reasons

Also, 20-30% of sown areas in Ukraine will remain unsown.

A third of Ukrainian fields are unsuitable for sowing because of the war - UN

A full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine could lead to a global food disaster.

Mykola Solsky became the new Minister of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine: what is known about him

The Verkhovna Rada supported the appointment of Solsky with 294 votes.

Minister of Agrarian Policy Leshchenko submitted his resignation

The politician decided to resign at a very difficult time for Ukraine, when the sowing campaign is carried out in emergency conditions.

Despite the war, a sowing campaign has started in Ukraine: what and where is sown

Spring crops have already begun to be sown in Ukraine.

Sowing in the war: there is a threat of a food crisis in Europe, and those liable for military service will be sent to the fields

Work on the sowing season-2022 can be equated to the performance of military duty.

Roman Leshchenko: Will the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food Drive Ukraine to Starvation?

He has already brought his former American business partner to scrip and prison

Incredible, but true: why Ukraine has become the most "hungry" country in Europe

A quarter of the population is undernourished

In Ukraine, the collapse of the agricultural industry is approaching due to incompetent leadership: the opinion of an American businessman

Is this unprofessionalism or deliberate sabotage?

There will be no "agrarian breakthrough": Ukrainian farmers will have a boring year

Weather anomalies and "drowsiness" of officials risk causing a crisis in the agro-industrial complex

Shkarlet is not a surprise: the Rada appointed ministers to the cries of "Shame"

There are new faces in the government team: Shkarlet became the Minister of Education, and Leshchenko became the Minister of Agrarian Policy.