Mikhail Saakashvili

Smoking harms not only health, but also accession to the EU: if Saakashvili dies, Georgia will not be admitted to the EU

It is doubtful that the convicted ex-president will be able to become a pass for Georgia to Europe, but it is quite a reason to refuse.

Saakashvili does not have coronavirus, but he has tuberculosis and dementia

Nineteen more new diseases have been found in the ex-president of Georgia since the summer.

Medvedchuk could be used as a battering ram against nationalist opposition

Before the war, Zelensky could not arrest Poroshenko due to the fact that he was supported by the Americans. but now the situation has changed.

Saakashvili came to court in a yellow-blue T-shirt and sang the national anthem of Ukraine (VIDEO)

The spirit of Poroshenko seemed to have entered the Georgian ex-president

"Done very cynically": Saakashvili was kidnapped from the hospital and transferred back to prison

His girlfriend, MP Yelizaveta Yasko is sounding the alarm.

Dispersal of protests, appeal to Ukrainians and Mishiko's new illnesses: how was the first meeting of Saakashvili's trial?

It was hard for Mikhail Nikolozovich, but he held on

Saakashvili was diagnosed with a terrible disease - he can fall into a coma and die. Political technology of Western curators or is it true?

What will happen to Georgia and Ukraine if Saakashvili is gone?

By deceit, they put me in a prison hospital, although they promised a personal doctor. Saakashvili continues to be "physically destroyed on Putin's orders"

We continue to follow the history of the Georgian "prisoner of conscience"

Vegetables with veal liver are not food: Saakashvili's hunger strike recipe

If you want to lose weight, ask Miho how.

Ex-football player of Dynamo Kyiv again became mayor of Tbilisi

The opposition candidate won only one municipality - bad news for the prisoner Miho.

"Liberation or death": Saakashvili demands freedom and personal doctors

Mikhail Nikolozovich is a real "spoilt Galya". Despite the near-death condition, he does not want to be treated in the same ward with other prisoners, because they are supposedly dangerous for him.

Riot and liquidation: a killer is waiting for Saakashvili in the prison hospital

The politician's lawyer revealed the "insidious" plans of the Georgian authorities.

Saakashvili had a blood transfusion in "field" conditions

The Georgian prison hospital is not Ukrainian prisons reformed by Malyuska.

Saakashvili's girlfriend Liza Yasko spoke about the conflict with Razumkov and her own political ambitions

Meanwhile, Saakashvili himself sends hearts to his fans through prison bars.

Maliuska invited the Ukrainians to sit in paid cells and promised to transport Saakashvili from the Georgian prison to ours.

This is the Minister of Justice, but he manages the role of a comedian better.

Return the reformer Misha home immediately! Arakhamiya "annealed", this time without drums

This is exactly the case when it is better to charge the audience with DJ sets, and not talk.

How Saakashvili's supporters picketed the Georgian embassy. Reportage

A rally in support of Saakashvili was held in Kyiv

Bears are very fond of honey. Saakashvili started eating and again wrote a message from prison

Hunger is not an aunt, but what about the promise to die for Georgia and a little bit for Ukraine?

Mikho polygamist: Saakashvili's wife seemed to be unaware of his affair with Yasko

High Relationship

“I am Putin’s personal prisoner!”: Saakashvili wrote a letter from prison to Zelensky and called him a “high-class statesman”

Does this character at least know how to do something in his life, except how to attract attention to himself?