Russian Foreign Minister

The Vatican maneuvers “between the drops of rain”: an apology from the Pope is demanded either in Ukraine or in Russia

The pontiff takes pity on Dugin, loves Dostoevsky, admits NATO's involvement in fomenting the conflict in Ukraine, but at the same time approves the supply of weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and does not like Chechens and Buryats.

Russia says it will not transfer Zaporizhzhya NPP under IAEA control

However, the issue of establishing a security zone around the ZNPP is moving forward.

It doesn’t suit us, let’s try something new: how did the diplomatic scandal over the Ukrainian ambassador end and how Reuters is connected with it

The news agency decided to hype on the headline, and the rest of the media took their example.

Last "Chinese" warning? The Kremlin again scares Washington with a "red line"

The Kremlin warned of an "adequate response" to deliveries of longer-range missiles to Kyiv, apparently referring to the use of tactical nuclear weapons.

The Russian Federation is discussing the possibility of introducing visas with Ukraine, Russians with a "Schengen" will not be allowed into Poland and the Baltic states, and they have also made it difficult for them to enter the EU

Europe is gradually lowering the "iron curtain" for the citizens of the Russian Federation, and Putin still does not intend to meet with Zelensky.

For the first time since the beginning of the war, Lavrov and Blinken will hold talks: what will they talk about?

Earlier at the G20 summit, Blinken and Lavrov avoided a face-to-face meeting.

China will expand assistance to Russia, but due to the threat of sanctions, it will do so in a limited way

China wants to promote "real democracy" together with the Russian Federation.

Export of grain: what do the authorities of Ukraine and the Russian Federation say about the unblocking of Ukrainian ports

Ukraine is not satisfied with the conditions of the Russian Federation, and Russia does not want to make concessions. In turn, Turkey proposes to create a safe mechanism for the export of grain.

A show of force in front of the US? Russia held joint military exercises with China. The Russian Foreign Ministry announced the strengthening of ties with China

Against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine and the deepening confrontation between the United States and China, Russia plans to strengthen economic and diplomatic ties with China.

Ukraine and Russia officially announced the suspension of the negotiation process - details

The President of Ukraine and the Chancellor of Germany also called the condition for negotiations with the Russian Federation.

Russia threatens Bosnia and Herzegovina with a repeat of the "Ukrainian scenario" - media

The head of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina has already condemned this statement.

Russia formally withdraws from the Council of Europe and denounces the European Convention on Human Rights

The Russian Federation added that this is a "weighted and considered decision."

"Convoys with weapons for Ukraine can become targets for the Russian army" - Russian Foreign Ministry

The Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation made a number of statements, including on Ukraine.

Kuleba and Lavrov met in Turkey: results of negotiations

There is no progress on a truce. 

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced the threat of a direct clash between Russia and NATO

But the Russian Federation is counting on the "sanity of NATO" to avoid a collision.

If Ukraine fulfills "Minsk", there will be no escalation - Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation

Russia continues to issue actual ultimatums to the parties. This time we got it too.

"Moscow will manage without Ukraine": Russian Foreign Ministry official spoke about the transit of Russian gas through our country

If anything, they are not going to cut off access to us, however, "SP-2" continues to be called a weapon

Ukrainian patriots continue to erase the memory of the fight against fascism

Russia demanded that Kyiv stop demolishing World War II memorials.