Medical reform in Ukraine

There is no promised state funding: the hospital took out a loan to pay salaries to employees

Problems with documents for obtaining state funding throughout Ukraine are now at 215 medical institutions.

"Successes" of medical reform: an elderly Italian died in a Ukrainian ambulance - there were not enough places in intensive care

How is Uliana Suprun doing there?

Migrant's Pandora's Box: how Ukraine wants to solve the problem of shortage of doctors

The authorities decided to compensate for the lack of medical staff by attracting foreign doctors. But what and from where - that is the important question!

Medical reform in action: Starving doctors are reproached for not generating income

The motto of Ukrainian medicine - who does not work, does not eat.

Hospitals for private owners: how reformist plans of Minister Lyashko will affect Ukrainians

The Minister of Health intends to continue the "case of Suprun"

The disabled were thrown into the cemetery. Medical reform Suprun continues to kill Ukraine

We are talking about the consequences of Uliana Suprun's medical reform in the new issue of Nabat.

What does Suprun's departure mean for Ukraine?

The continuation of the medical reform does not depend on her presence in the position

Is Uliana Suprun an "agent" of external influence or just a provocateur?

Former acting Health Minister Uliana Suprun continues to educate the Ukrainian people. Suprun, who "wets manta", "sits on the cold" and "swears loudly", now started talking about sex. According to Ulyana, you need to have sex more than 50 times a year.

We treat some, we cripple others: what is the fight against coronavirus in Ukraine worth

Many people complain about the lack of adequate medical care

During the epidemic in Ukraine, hospitals are closed: the new authorities continue the old course. Ukraine remains dependent on international pharmaceutical corporations, and many doctors risk losing their jobs

The reform leads to a catastrophe of Ukrainian medicine

Is the reform going according to a new plan? What are they planning to do with Ukrainian medicine, which Suprun finished off

The Ministry of Health decided to change course