Mateusz Morawiecki

"Pain and Humiliation" How Poland wipes its feet on Germany, and why Berlin tolerates it

In recent months and weeks, relations between Warsaw and Berlin, which were not perfect even before, take on the character of a clear and defiant disregard of the interests of Germany by the Polish side.

With blocking, reduction and concessions: the EU still managed to adopt the 9th package of sanctions against the Russian Federation

Also, the EU has unblocked the allocation of 18 billion euros to Ukraine.

Akin to hostage-taking: 18 billion for Ukraine is now blocked because of Poland

The EU does not want to make concessions to Poland and intends to push through its tax reform in this way, and money for Ukraine has become just a bargaining chip.

Housing and meals for Ukrainian refugees in Poland will be paid

The decision was made to make life easier for Polish taxpayers.

There will be no third world yet: what they say about the shelling of Poland and whether article 5 of the NATO charter will come into force

Zelenskiy urges NATO to "act".

Poland and Germany clash over who will train the Ukrainian military

Due to disagreements, the training of Ukrainian soldiers was postponed for several months.

Poland against Ukrainian nationalists: the Polish prime minister called Putin the heir to the UPA

Putin's actions could help strengthen nationalism in Ukraine.

In Poland, the payment of food allowances to Ukrainian refugees will be stopped, and in Bulgaria, Ukrainians were settled in "microwave ovens"

Western countries continue to reduce the provision for Ukrainians who fled the war.

There will be practically no border between Poland and Ukraine - Duda

Ukraine and Poland also agreed on a document on support in the field of security and defense.

In Poland, they proposed to abandon Russian gas, not issue visas to Russians and impose sanctions against all members of United Russia

According to the Prime Minister of Poland, such actions are necessary in response to the massacres in Bucha.

A number of NATO countries support the introduction of an Alliance peacekeeping mission to Ukraine

At the same time, there remain those who are skeptical about the prospect of bringing peacekeepers into Ukraine.

Poland, Slovenia and the Czech Republic have proposed a 10-point rescue plan for Ukraine

The plan involves extremely tough sanctions against the Russian Federation.