Marusya Zviroby

Dancing on the bones: patriots do not hide their joy over the death of the capital's judge

It is strange that people who claim to have seen the war talk about this.

Everyone is to blame, all traitors: Zvirobiy was upset that Koshulinsky did not win the elections in the 87th district

She does not like that the inhabitants of this region voted for Alexander Shevchenko

Poroshenko went to war against Tyahnybok because of the West of Ukraine

In the west of Ukraine, a fierce struggle began before the elections. Supporters of Petro Poroshenko are fighting the Svoboda party of Oleg Tyagnibok.

The scandalous Marusya St. John's wort goes to the Rada from Eurosolidarity: what made her "famous"? Poroshenko introduced Omelyan to the leadership of the "EU"

Poroshenko said that the electoral process has not yet officially started, but her candidacy is supported by party members, veteran organizations and volunteers who are on their team.

Those who threatened Zelensky were not punished: "patriotic activists" are everything allowed?

Consideration of the case of threats to the life of President Volodymyr Zelensky has begun in Lvov.

Threat to Zelensky's life: when Fedina and Zviroboy answer - # 101 Gleb and circuses

Consideration of the case on threats to President Volodymyr Zelensky has begun in Lvov. 

During a "family holiday" in Kyiv, "Right Sector" taught children how to kill. Video

These are family values

“Nothing will save you”: Zviroby again publicly threatened Zelensky with murder

"Porohobochka" said that the president will not have time to escape

“You won’t die by your own death”: Zvirobiy issued a new batch of threats to Zelensky

"Porohobochka" threatened the president with death

Hatred of Jews is the norm for "patriots". So Zvirobiy will get away with everything

There can be no doubt about it

"Eh-h-h, war!" Zvirobiy made contact for the first time after threats to Zelensky's family

Radical "patriot" blames everything on FSB hackers

Fedyna decided to cover for Zvirobiy, who threatened to kill Zelensky and his family

Not without the Kremlin again

The odious "patriot" Zvirobiy again threatened Zelensky and his family

She promised to hang the head of state, his wife and children by the legs

“But they once looked like this”: the media found a photo of the radicals Zvirobiy and Sternenko in the form of the USSR

May 9 opponents flaunt in Soviet military uniforms