“We are not afraid of anyone”: Zelensky commented on the rumors about the Russian invasion next week

Meanwhile, in Kyiv, Ukrainians took to the Unity March for Ukraine in order to show Putin that they are not afraid of his threats.

A unity march took place in Kharkiv before the Russian aggression: how was it?

How Kharkiv residents decided to respond to the threat of Russian aggression. Review of Klymenko Time

This is different: they decided not to let the opponents of decommunization go to the "March for Kyiv"

Another mass action in the capital was not without excesses.

Like-minded Greta Thunberg and a dinosaur took to the streets of Kyiv

After a series of marches by LGBT communities and nationalists, it was finally the turn of eco-activists.

Traditional values ​​VS Pride: actions "for" and "against" were held in Kharkiv (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Posters, flash mobs, police, but so far without a fight.

Animal rights activists protest in Ukraine and Antarctica

In Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine, animal rights activists again demand a ban on circuses and zoos, as well as fur farms.