Maria Zakharova

Russia says it will not transfer Zaporizhzhya NPP under IAEA control

However, the issue of establishing a security zone around the ZNPP is moving forward.

Agent of the Kremlin or the White House: what secrets does Liz Truss' iPhone keep?

After information that the phone of the ex-head of the British government was hacked by hackers, the network appeared, allegedly the first message that Truss wrote to Anthony Blinken.

Zelensky fired ambassador to Kazakhstan who spoke of the need to kill "as many Russians as possible"

In Ukraine, they went towards Kazakhstan and did what Russia wanted.

The SBU put Medvedev on the wanted list. And not only him (updated)

In addition to the deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council, a representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, and about 700 other high-ranking Russians have been put on the wanted list.

Last "Chinese" warning? The Kremlin again scares Washington with a "red line"

The Kremlin warned of an "adequate response" to deliveries of longer-range missiles to Kyiv, apparently referring to the use of tactical nuclear weapons.

Peskov said that the project of security guarantees for Ukraine is a "threat" for the Russian Federation

But the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, called this project “terrible Kabbalah”. What does Zelenskiy say about security guarantees?

Lost in translation: the EU makes excuses for Borrell's words about "fascist Russia"

Despite the fact that the European Office blames the translator, they cannot deny that the phrase about the "fascist regime" was uttered by Borrell.

Latvia has recognized the Russian Federation as a sponsor of terrorism and will refuse residence permits for Russians, while Estonia will close the borders for them

This does not prevent Latvia from continuing to buy Russian gas.

Britain helps Ukraine hunt down Russian spies hunting Western military aid

Western intelligence is working closely with Ukraine in this war.

Only after the victory of one of the parties: what ultimatums are put forward by Ukraine and Russia to resume peace negotiations

As long as there is no cardinal turn in one's favor on the battlefield, the parties are in no hurry to move on to a diplomatic settlement of the war.

“The background of the negotiation process has changed”: what is the progress in the negotiations between Ukraine and the Russian Federation?

The Russian Federation has made a serious bet on the second stage of the war against Ukraine.

End of diplomacy? Russia evacuates diplomats from Ukraine: Kyiv may break off relations with Russia

Documents are burned in Russian consulates, and Ukrainians are advised to leave Russia.

Russia withdraws troops, the hryvnia has strengthened, but the West continues to escalate: what is happening on the issue of military escalation

In parallel, the West continues to issue loans to Ukraine, believing that the country will be able to return them.

Russia "recognized" its participation in the war in Donbass

At least, that's how it seemed to the Ukrainian TKG.

Has become dependent on the US and the EU: Russia is worried about Ukraine

“The Ukrainian people were humiliated in different ways. But never before."

The Russian Foreign Ministry sent a note of protest to Ukraine over another Russophobic action. When will this circus end?

Under the embassy building, people held posters with various inscriptions: “North Koreanization of Russia”, “Don Carlito! Fresh fakes filed”, “schizophrenic dictator with a Napoleon complex”

Protests in Russia in support of Navalny: children's rallies and mobilization before the elections to the State Duma

Children were brought in to create a picture for the media, and protesters were turned against law enforcement officers

Political persecution or punishment for embezzlement? Why was Alexei Navalny detained?

Navalny deliberately violated the court order and did not appear, which provoked the arrest

The exchange of prisoners can take place before the end of 2020. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the opening of the checkpoint in the Donbass fell through the fault of the Ukrainian side - in Ukraine they answered

Last week, the French and German Foreign Ministries urged the Russian Federation to use its influence to open all existing checkpoints.

The first reaction from Russia to Lukashenka's tough words about "Wagnerites" appeared

Zakharova said that they would not give offense to the "Wagnerites"