Mario Draghi

Kuleba said: Europe has no right to “get tired” of the war, and in Germany they believed that the defeat of Ukraine was more beneficial for Europe

More and more countries are officially declaring a shortage of weapons, and Ukraine criticizes the EU for delaying a new package of sanctions.

In Italy, the far right may come to power. Who are they - Putin's friends or the "forgotten voice" of Europe?

The main position of Georgia Merloni is to prevent the Islamization of Italy and defend independence. But how will the new government affect the situation in Ukraine?

Support for Ukraine is becoming more and more "expensive" for Europe

Behind the external demonstration of the consensus of the EU countries, there is growing tension, in particular, in the question of how to relate to the war in Ukraine.

Not everything is so simple: Draghi's resignation may break the unity of the West in relation to Ukraine

Mario Draghi's resignation as Italy's prime minister may seem like a minor event on the world stage, but it's not, analysts say.

There is no more consensus: the EU urged to abandon the principle of unanimity in decision-making

Disagreements within the EU make it difficult to unanimously make difficult political and economic decisions.

EU leaders privately urge Zelensky to start talks with Putin

During the visit to the country, European leaders pursued their own interests.

They made noise: the visit of Macron, Draghi and Scholz - no surprises and a lot of memes

Another meeting for the sake of meeting ended predictably.

Macron and Scholz did not confirm a trip to Ukraine: why EU heads may not come

Discussions continue in Europe over a common position on Ukraine.