Liz Truss

Agent of the Kremlin or the White House: what secrets does Liz Truss' iPhone keep?

After information that the phone of the ex-head of the British government was hacked by hackers, the network appeared, allegedly the first message that Truss wrote to Anthony Blinken.

The British were left without soap and deodorants: due to lack of money, people are forced to save on the most necessary

The British are ditching soap and deodorants because they no longer have the money to buy them. In addition, the failed head of government, Liz Truss, is called a “Russian agent” because of this.

There are no worthy leaders in Europe who deal with people's problems, not populism

Is the West languishing without great leaders?

"Boris Johnsonyuk" gave back and resigned: who is the new British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak?

The new prime minister is expected to negotiate with India on Ukraine's support.

“Boriska to reign?”: Britain is preparing for the next prime ministerial election, Ukraine “drowns” for Johnson

Many conservatives do support the return of the "prodigal" Johnson, but not all.

Elon Musk sees no reason to kill Putin and asked Medvedev "for Bakhmut", and the Pentagon wants to check the businessman's transactions for national security

At the same time, Musk will continue to pay Starlink to Ukraine.

Britain changes prime ministers like gloves: Liz Thras resigns

It is possible that her predecessor, Boris Johnson, will replace Liz Thras as Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Did not have time to take a position - and immediately to the exit? British Prime Minister Liz Truss faces resignation as Conservatives demand vote of no confidence one after another (updated)

The rescue mission for the British economy has failed.

Zelensky asks Britain to "cover the sky" and assures that the US is going to hold Russia accountable

Britain, Poland, Italy and the US embassy in Kyiv condemned the missile attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure, and the US congressman said the US owed Ukraine nothing.

A group of German deputies wanted to go to the Donbass, which is not controlled by Ukraine, but did not make it: what is the reason

Meanwhile, newly minted British Prime Minister Liz Truss demanded that Russia pay reparations.

The Queen of England has died: Elizabeth II took over the country under Winston Churchill, and left it under Liz Truss

Queen Elizabeth II of Britain has died at the age of 96 at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

Liz Truss against white men: the new British prime minister decided to select employees by gender and skin color

We also tell interesting moments of the biography of Truss.

Boris Johnson is everything! Boris Chuprina will be replaced by the "iron lady"

No surprises - Liz Truss scored more than 80 thousand votes of her fellow party members.

UK resources to help Ukraine could run out by the end of the year

As winter approaches and prices rise, the British public is less supportive of anti-Russian sanctions and is not ready to support refugees.

Britain's strategic goal is Ukraine's victory over Russia - FM Truss

The United Kingdom is in third place among the countries of the world in providing assistance to Ukraine.

Freudian slip: Biden confused Afghanistan with Ukraine and Iraq, and the Americans could not find Ukraine on the map

Biden is not far behind the head of the British Foreign Office, who did not recognize Russia's sovereignty over the Rostov and Voronezh regions.