deprivation of citizenship

Legal precedent: what will happen to Ukrainian citizenship if you have a second citizenship and how will this affect the ability of those liable for military service to leave the country?

Contradictory decisions have appeared in the legislative field of Ukraine on the issue of which country citizens will be people with dual citizenship.

What is behind the anti-Russian demarches of Latvia and Estonia?

The answer may lie in the intention of the Russian State Duma.

Korban called the statements of the authorities about the counterattack on Kherson a "lie"

Gennady Korban also spoke about why he was deprived of citizenship and about his connections with the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.

The Troop disowned Korban: it turned out that he did not head the Headquarters of the Dnieper Terror Defense

It is reported that Mr. Korban was not drafted into the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and was not appointed to senior positions.

They will surrender with giblets: Kolomoisky was still deprived of citizenship, but can they also extradite the United States?

Zelensky continues to keep an intrigue about the deprivation of Kolomoisky and Co. of Ukrainian citizenship, but at the same time they are heating up this topic in every possible way.