legalization of weapons

The free carrying of firearms is questionable, but everyone may be allowed to use traumatic weapons

The issue of free possession of weapons in Ukraine is still under discussion.

Has legalization taken place? From 2023, Ukrainians will be able to freely own weapons

Interior Ministry adviser promised that the relevant legislation would be ready in autumn

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Crime statistics speak against the legalization of firearms.

"Shaping a shooting culture": details of the law on the legalization of weapons in Ukraine and what the authorities say about it

The Minister of Defense explained why Ukraine needs to legalize the circulation of weapons.

“Territorial defense in a smartphone” and with their weapons: what deputies plan for Ukraine

In addition, the government wants to increase defense spending in 2022 by 11%.

"With weapons to exit": what awaits Ukrainians in connection with the reform of the permit system

The exposure of the criminal group, which included the current employees of the permit system, led to unexpected results

The weapon is already in the hands of the Ukrainians, so the law on legalization is necessary

The draft law on the circulation of firearms has been sent for revision. Although there was a possibility of acceptance.