Ukrainians are still a reading nation: proven by "thousands of victims"

The government should encourage citizens to read and support printing.

Is there no pandemic? Professor Dmitry Ivanov about coronavirus

Incorrect treatment of Covid is one of the reasons for the stable incidence.

Coronavirus 2021: American experts told what threatens the disinfection of surfaces

The use of a disinfectant without first cleaning the surface consumes most of the product and only spreads germs around

Tales of Stepanov: the head of the Ministry of Health promises to do 200 thousand vaccinations a day

Up to 6 million people are planned to be vaccinated per month.

Life will never be the same: how the fight against Covid-19 "rebooted" Ukraine

The country is gradually turning into a "police state"

Official statistics on quarantine contradict the facts: the expert told how the Cabinet of Ministers is developing criteria that it does not comply with

However, the Ministry of Health is not in a hurry to classify these regions in the "red zone".

During the lockdown in Kyiv, parking will be free

However, the authorities still urge residents and guests of the capital not to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary.

Pfizer showed 100% efficiency in the "South African strain", but up to 40 of its new mutations were identified in Tanzania

Coronavirus continues to mutate, despite the declared high effectiveness of vaccines.

The second stage of vaccination and the threatening situation: what is happening with the coronavirus in Ukraine

On March 22, as part of the second stage of vaccination, vaccinations began in stationary offices

The third wave of covid: will the vaccine cope and will there be a new lockdown

A third wave of coronavirus has been announced in Ukraine. Rumor has it that the government will soon introduce another lockdown.

Affordable Resorts 2021: New Border Crossing Rules Known

Depending on the arrival of the season, KlymenkoTime monitors the new rules for crossing the border for Ukrainian tourists, as quarantine brings its own rules. What has changed in the 2021 season?

Purchase of Indian vaccine is a failure: who got access to the covid budget

- As for me, this means that epidemiological safety in Ukraine has completely failed. Vaccination has not yet begun in our country, and it is not known when exactly it will begin in full.

China is ahead of the curve: the world will soon face overproduction of COVID-19 vaccines

While Ukraine is looking for the best place to buy a coronavirus vaccine, experts assure that the world will soon face its overproduction.

The horrors of our town: psychologists and doctors about what makes covid-infected people resort to suicide

“Oh horror, the coronavirus causes hallucinations and delirium!” some experts say. Do you think that the coronavirus affects the psyche, forcing people to resort to suicide, or vice versa - is the cause of the infection in the head? These questions were answered by a pediatrician.

Vaccination is on the verge of failure: why Ukrainians have lost interest in Covid vaccinations

Several pharmaceutical giants are fighting for the Ukrainian market

Swan, cancer and pike: OPPL with Poroshenko against the Ministry of Health and Zelensky

Medvedchuk called the statement by Ukraine's chief sanitary doctor about the Sputnik V vaccine senile chatter that has nothing to do with medicine. The politician noted that at the moment none of the vaccines have passed the third phase of testing

The budget will not withstand, but the risk of an epidemic is huge: Avakov in the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the introduction of a lockdown on New Year's holidays

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov called radical decisions that will help break the chain of morbidity.