Large-scale de-Russification of books: the Ukrainian Institute of Books has calculated how many Russian books need to be removed from libraries

Russian books can go to waste paper.

The figure of the day is UAH 60: this is how much Ukrainians spend per year on books. Is it possible to force the population to read more?

And will the financing of bookstores and publishers help in this?

Sexist quote referring to Hitler found in textbook for economics students

"Women love to be commanded," the Fuhrer said, and the Ukrainian doctor of science repeated.

“The destructive influence of Russia”: Vyatrovich named the reason for the intellectual degradation of Ukrainians and explained how to deal with it

Or a new bill from a history guru

Donetsk first-graders will be presented with an alphabet with Pushilin on the first page. A PHOTO

The book contains poems about Donbass borscht, waste heaps and Mertsalov's palm

From press secretary to writers: Mendel wrote a book about her former "boss" Zelensky

The ex-press secretary announced that the book will contain insiders

Books about the Nazis put on stream: a biography of an OUN member who wrote about “Jewish parasites” was published in Ukraine

During the war years, the author published anti-Jewish articles

Scandal over Holodomor: new book published in Dnipro

The former head of the Museum's research department, Doctor of Historical Sciences Natalya Romanets claims that she is the author of the collection, but the institution did not indicate this.

In Ukraine, it is forbidden to publish Russian, Belarusian and Chinese writers. What will literary censorship lead to?

New unofficial sanctions against foreign authors

New blunder: in Ukrainian textbooks, children are offered to study the military equipment of Russian soldiers

In Ukrainian textbooks, children are offered to study the military equipment of Russian soldiers, treat cancer with baking soda, and navigate the terrain using maps from computer games.