Chinese vaccine

New facts about coronavirus: what you might not know about Covid-19 and Chinese vaccines

Klymenko Time has collected some interesting facts about the coronavirus that you might not have heard about

China is ahead of the curve: the world will soon face overproduction of COVID-19 vaccines

While Ukraine is looking for the best place to buy a coronavirus vaccine, experts assure that the world will soon face its overproduction.

“Sputnik V” does not belong here: the Verkhovna Rada approved the accelerated registration of all coronavirus vaccines, except for the Russian one

Political expediency once again defeated common sense and concern for the health of citizens.

Instead of covid vaccines, a letter from the EU: the EU will help Zelensky with the pandemic and revise the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU

Ukraine can count on EU solidarity in obtaining a vaccine against COVID-19

Dancing with syringes: the war for the supply of a coronavirus vaccine to Ukraine flares up with renewed vigor

And as a result, it will lead to the fact that Ukrainians will generally be left without a vaccine.

Chinese vaccine in Ukraine: Stepanov hinted at the refusal of supplies, the intermediary company claims that after Brazil the vaccine will be approved by us

The story of possible deliveries of Chinese vaccine to Ukraine to Ukraine is becoming more and more interesting.

What is wrong with the expensive Chinese coronavirus vaccine, which Ukraine bought for a billion hryvnias

Despite conflicting data on the Chinese vaccine, Ukraine does not refuse to buy it

Not a day without zrada: the Russian vaccine is impossible, but PCR tests are possible

Found another topic for zrada. The Ministry of Health is stubbornly fighting against the supply of a vaccine from Russia, but it is successfully purchasing PCR tests.

There will be no Chinese vaccine, Sputnik V can be registered in Ukraine: what the authorities are hiding

The expert once again emphasizes that the state authorities brazenly lie to citizens, since they only need money and profit

Swan, cancer and pike: OPPL with Poroshenko against the Ministry of Health and Zelensky

Medvedchuk called the statement by Ukraine's chief sanitary doctor about the Sputnik V vaccine senile chatter that has nothing to do with medicine. The politician noted that at the moment none of the vaccines have passed the third phase of testing