Irina Lyutikova

Collisions, skirmishes and "support show". Rally of the "National Corps" under court in Kyiv

The leadership of the "National Corps" led a support group under the court building

Real animals! Compared Kyiv and Moscow zoos. A PHOTO

In the new issue of "Ukraine is not Russia" we compare zoos in Kyiv and Moscow. Of course, there are differences: prices, conditions, and the animals themselves. Pavel Kukharkin and Irina Lyutikova walked alongside tigers, bears and lions.

Easter basket. Kyiv and Moscow. Compare prices

How much does it cost to collect an Easter basket in Kyiv and Moscow.

Sports Kyiv and Moscow. What is the difference?

On International Sports Day, we show how Kyiv and Moscow lead a healthy lifestyle.

Kyiv and Moscow. Compare treatment for Covid: prices and conditions

In the new issue of "UkraineNonRussia" we deal with a very serious topic - vaccination and treatment of the population against Covid-19.

UkraineNot Russia: Pasha Kukharkin and Ira Lyutikova - live

Our Pavel Kukharkin and Irina Lyutikova will talk about their experiments comparing Kyiv and Moscow.

The difference between the railway stations of Kyiv and Moscow: we show a comparison

We continue our comparisons in the issues of the project "Ukraine is not Russia".​

Kyiv or Moscow: where food is cheaper

We continue our project "UkraineNOTRussia". Last time we compared prices for housing and communal services in Kyiv and Moscow. And utilities in Moscow turned out to be cheaper than in Kyiv. 

How the people of Kiev and Muscovites have a rest. Compare entertainment and prices

Klymenko Time continues the "UkraineNot Russia" project. In the new issue, Pavel Kukharkin and Irina Lyutikova compared New Year's entertainment in Kyiv and Moscow. We walked through cinemas, skating rinks, New Year's fairs, compared two exhibition complexes - VDNKh, showed prices and the entertainment itself.   

Empty Maidan, forgotten toys: a report from the center of Kyiv in quarantine

The capital no longer looks like itself